Cycles of creativity

Thanks for this, Andrea! As a woman, cyclical knowing is our cherished knowing: the phases of living, that include, as the moon, a wane or dying, though not to entirety but on a continuum: that we grow new again. Like spirals, on and on. I am thinking the most lately about the soul life, the reality of the inward wisdom as specific to this–and the injury of humanity which is that it is not real. And how we do self-harm when we exist in this half-wakingness, that the soul or inward wisdom isn’t real. And how the more we perpetuate that harm the more we perpetuate the injury. This post is the great axiom, gnothi seauton, “Know Thyself” It’s so important! Thank you!

Harvesting Hecate


Each day has its rhythms.  Each month, each season, each year – all have their own character and pattern.  We forget, in this modern world, when nature’s cycles are drowned out by noise and concrete, that there are hidden energies at work on our bodies and our minds.  But recognising how these daily and monthly cycles affect our creativity can help us to create more effectively.

Even before I began to pay attention to my creative cycles, my daily rhythms seemed obvious.  Evenings are the times when I am at my most creative.  I’ve always been nocturnal, staying up until the early hours and getting up late.  At night, I plan, daydream and cultivate ideas.  I look forward to those quiet times before sleep when I can take advantage of the creative mood.


By contrast, mornings are always difficult for me.  Having suffered from depression on and off throughout my life, I sometimes struggle…

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  1. Thank you for the re-blog Kelly – you know that I’ve really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the same cyclical processes!

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