Meet Kelly McMullen

variation 1Kelly is a licensed mental health counselor, a women’s empowerment mentor and guide, and a teacher practicing in the Ocean City, Maryland, area.   Her training is in psychodynamic theory, application, and intervention.

She helps individual’s tend life patterns and personal relationships, especially the one a person has with herself.   She is a depth clinician, which means Kelly explores deeper themes and meanings guided by the storehouse of humanities, mythology, and anthropology known as archetypes or the archetypal imagination.


She specializes in treatment from a feminist perspective. Her research considered the anthropological menstrual rites of sacred downgoing in an applied way, grounding women back in their bodies and against the seasons and rhythms of the earth, moon, and sun.  She helps her female clients safely name, deconstruct, and transform shame stories and patterns related to family of origin, societal, or cultural complex trauma.


She has curated Wild Women Wisdom since 2013.

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Learn more at McMullen Psychotherapy or The Delmarva Free School. 

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Harvest Moon, 33rd St, OCMD, Sept 2015; Kelly McMullen