Kelly McMullen, Depth Psychotherapy

I am a trauma-informed psychotherapist and life long learner and teacher.  My earth path, and my own continued embodiment recovery informs my treatment perspective. Learn more here.

My earth path was mostly solitary until the last several years, when my profession and my personal ways of connecting to the Sacred began to merge.  Today my path continues to be shaped by curiosity and active relations with Mama Nature and my own ancestral connections and mythology; my family and place of origin narratives and myths; mystery and goddess traditions; the Words…and most importantly~by a free to be imagination.

Spring Equinox moon

Thanks for reading!  I’ve been curating Wild Women Wisdom since 2013. Please ask first if you’re going to share my work. I’m always down to chat so connect with me for more info, or with questions or comments. It could be an awesome chance to cross-pollinate!

image: Dugald Stewart (1753-1828)