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Wild Women Wisdom Symbols in dreams, & Mercury Retrograde

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This morning I awoke with a crudgy feeling.  This means I felt like grrrrr, I don’t want to get up.

I lay there a minute contemplating what to do–it was 6:30, do I go back to sleep, make coffee, write…? And then I recalled an odd dream last night in which me and Mandy, my best girlfriend back home in Maryland, were in a teeny spacecraft flying through the desert and ran out of gas.

I didn’t connect that the dream had to do with my mood but I did, with a sorta resentful-tinged eyeroll, decide to spend my morning the way I often do: with some quiet time.  I chose this for one reason today: because at school part of our homework is to keep a dream journal and like all other things in my life, resistance to discipline almost always means I am on the edge of a breakthrough.


Later in my dream I wound up at a concrete street corner at a stop light with Shannon, Mandy and I’s mutual friend.  We were watching Mandy be driven away in the back of an old station wagon. She was pulling her daughter in through the window.

Because I keep a dream journal and showed up to it this morning, I had a quiet softening occur today.  That street corner felt bad to me, the whole dream did.  In soul work we don’t resist feelings, we always recognize them as messengers.  So I sat gently, waiting to see what good medicine sat behind that bad feeling.  All of a sudden I deepened in, meaning the message opened to me.  I have dreamed of a similar setting, back home either in Baltimore, DC, or in North Anne Arundel County at least five times that I can recall since the beginning of the year.

Steven Aizenstat, in his book (and in person, when I got to study with him at Pacifica three weeks ago!) suggests that rather than analyze a symbol, we ask it what is your message, who are you, why are you here?  He also says to always pay attention to the visitor of the surrounding landscape.  I did so of the street corner today, and literally in my mind’s eye it re-focused in on the red neon all around.  Of the bars, the buildings and street lights.

There is a quietude deep inside that I have learned to know from meeting myself where I am in the morning.  From always committing to make time for this (by which I mean that when I stop making time for this, I eventually return again, and again, and again.  Without judging that I fell off, again.)  In my quiet place today, once I saw that red neon, a soft understanding arose.  The concrete is your soul, the guilt is the red.

And like that I understood: this dream, and all of the city symbols, have been asking me to understand more about my own deepest programs around “Wild Women Wisdom”.  The symbol of red neon, as I associate it, means STOP, and also RED LIGHT DISTRICT.   A symbol showing me my own deep, classic old-conditioning around soul-wisdom.

Recall that the soul’s symbol is the Feminine.  Like all humans I too have deep programming against use or reliance on this wisdom.  The symbols or visitors in my dream last night were two close friends from the past (girls who were “wild” with me in our youth!) and the red lights suggested that soul-wisdom is to be shamed.  That shame is causing all this concrete to cement me in.

So today’s meditation on soul and Symbol is just that:  in quiet time we meet ourselves where we are at, wheter we feel bad, good, nothingness, or someplace in between…And we ask each symbol, be it a feeling, a scene from a dream, whatever symbol: what is your message?  Who is visiting right now?  And then we are gentle and open as we listen.

Mercury Retrograde

Today starts Mercury retrograde.  Retrograde means the planet pauses in its movement.

Mercury was Roman God.  His symbol covers communication, prosperity and the underworld–which is a symbol for the inner world or the soul world.

Remember that soul-life always starts with how we relate firstly to ourselves.  Meaning Mercury pauses so we can review within.

Retrogrades in Mercury happen four times a year, each time right around (before or after) a seasonal shift.

The purpose is to hold the tension of forward movement so that the soul can review the season that just passed.

Mercury retros feel funky, unless we are working with the energy (working with the message).  We do this by not resisting the funk but sitting with it, so it can lead us in to a deeper personal understanding within.

This happens in preparation for Spring, and catalyzes the growth of all new things you are meant to give birth to this year once Mercury starts its movement again after the second week of March.

Check back in Monday for more.  Happy Weekend, and upcoming full moon!


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Welcome to the first post at Wild Women Wisdom!

Look to this blog two to three times a week for posts on everyday life wisdom and how to know the soul through such daily ups and downs. I will use this blog to present accessible information about how our inner-life and rhythms are both our own, and at once connected to the larger cycles of life and of Nature’s tides.

Let’s begin with a talk about symbols.


A symbol, according to the online site Free Dictionary, is “something that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention, especially a material object used to represent something invisible.”  In soul work we look to symbols to understand the greater messages coming from the inside us.  The idea that the soul is invisible is a good starting place.  The soul, though unseen, is often felt.  A great indicator to know your soul better is to start with those symbols that really make you react, no matter what that reaction is.  This is because the soul speaks through feelings, sensations, and those out of the blue insights we get that some people call intuition.

For me, one of the most meaningful experiences of soul-life is getting out in nature.  This is where I learn the most about symbols.  For example, I love the sun.  LOVE THE SUN, so that I often refer to myself as a sun-head.  To study the sun as a symbol is really fascinating.  In my own life it helps me understand how important light is to me, and growth, as these are two of the most important functions the sun provides.  This is the truth about my innermost self, too:  it took me years to understand that when I am in the dark–meaning when I am confused or especially uncertain, like times when I have to make a big decision–I get disgruntled.  I don’t do well.  I also don’t do well in circumstances where I stagnate, or am not challenged.  Get it?  I don’t do well if I can’t grow.

Symbols show up all around.  In music, in dreams, on TV.  Being outside is the place where they help us understand the rhythmic part of their Nature.  By rhythm I mean the regular changes or shifts in something that is the same.  It’s a big idea, that change can be the same.  And yet seeing the sun or the ocean, another one of my favorite living symbols, teaches us just that.  That there is continuation and regularity in change.  It helps me understand that my nature and Nature are quiet similar.