Reiki with Kelly

Our energy systems evolved in resonance with our anatomy and our environment over millions of years, but the environment has changed radically since the advent of industrialization.  We evolved for a world that hasn’t existed for centuries.  This, however, is but a blink in the evolutionary eye, far too short a period for natural selection to have updated the arrangement, so we adapt to the industrial and post-industrial world with energy software that was designed for living in the wild. Donna Eden

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a safe stress-management tool and system of hands-on energy work that originated in Japan.* In a Reiki session, I place my hands on different parts of the body with a gentle touch to work with the many thousands of energy meridians that course through you! This touch works in union with these natural life energies to facilitate relaxation and empower you to find quiet, calm, and your own inward stillness.

In stillness, my clients more easily experience personal awareness.  Awareness helps them figure out stress management changes that can come to benefit their overall well-being.  

I am certified as a level-two practitioner through the Usui, Hawayo Takata tradition.  

According to other less-structured Reiki paths, I am a level 3 Master, with apprentices, students and patients I have treated through out many years. 

My experience with teaching, contemplation, non-religious meditation, and various breathing tools and techniques, combined with my counseling training, make a Reiki-session with me an excellent choice for deep relaxation as well for learning contemplative stress-management tools for take home.   


  • $75 for 1 hour, full session

  • $5 per additional 10 minutes

  • Sliding scale available


*“Reiki is a system involving the laying on of hands developed in Japan in the early 20th century and is believed to have the capacity to heal the physical body and mind and bring emotional and spiritual balance.”

This was taken from a study reported in a peer-reviewed, academic journal, concluding “the majority of scientific investigations have suffered from design limitations, however there is some suggestive evidence that Reiki can influence mood and induce physiological change in humans and animals.”

*See full article here Reiki article one

More info here, Reiki and Cognitive Impairment and here, Loving Kindness MeditationMeditation Efficacy

Contact me, 410 703 5902, for more information.

Wild Women Wisdom ©Kelly McMullen, 2016, all rights reserved


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