About Kelly

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKelly McMullen, MA, Counseling Psychology

I received my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, with an emphasis in depth perspective. My interests begin with how you relate to You.  

How you relate to you has so much to do with your contentment!

I like to explain the relational as what we don’t work out, we act out!

My Path

For close to a decade after college I worked for Adult Education programs through the public school system or Chesapeake College in the state of Maryland.  I taught adult students general education, life skills through CASAS competencies, high school efficiency, how to speak english, reading, writing, and work skills.  

I also served as an intake counselor and community resource manager for adult students, which is how I realized my love for counseling.  Teaching and learning continue to be natural gifts and personal passions.

My clinical psychotherapy training was one-on-one, and in group techniques in San Juan Capistrano, California, at New Method Wellness.

New Method Wellness is a residential center for the treatment of addiction disorder.

I have close to a decade and a half of experience with recovery and addictions.

My clients learned hope and healing of their person and their family systems.

I have been practicing Reiki for fifteen years, am certified in and practice a Permaculture community and world-view, and am experienced in Vipassana and other meditation or consciousness techniques.  I am trained in non-violent communication, and have facilitated women’s circles and sacred ritual for fifteen years.

I try to stay teachable, open, vulnerable, and strong.  I keep my own active self-awareness practice, love laughing, dancing, sleeping under the stars, and being in the ocean, feet on the earth, or in the woods.  Poetry–writing to capture the moving inside impulse–is my first passion.

I believe in people.  Hope is an action word!

Currently, I am awaiting the state for processing of my licensure paperwork (Licensed Professional Graduate Counselor) to practice as a psychotherapist.

     Ask Me!!:

  • Active work with women clients around smart, conscious management of their hormonal cycles and concurrent psyche responses (2010-2015, private clients)

  • Consideration of class, heritage, and race in culture in modern America.  The systemization of othering (2003-4, KCDC: Kent County Detention Center, Chestertown, MD; 2012, SSU: Southern States University, Newport Beach, CA.)

  •  Consideration of culture to identity and place (2oo3-4, KCDC; 2012, SSU)

  • Consideration of family values and related systems functions in modern America (2013-15, NMW: New Method Wellness, San Juan Capistrano, CA.) 

  • Consideration of feminist spiritualism in theory and in practice (2010-2015, private clients; 2014-15, Magpie Life, Los Angeles, CA, see magpieLIFE.com; 2014-15, NMW)

  • Consideration of gender identified values, rules, and roles (2012, SSU; 2014-15, NMW)

  • Consideration of the insidiousness of violence against women as a normalized systems perspective; creative, emotional, mental, professional, psychological, sexual, spiritual (2014-15, private clients; 2014-15, NMW)

  • Ending Enabling: Revising codependent roles to learn new, independent and safe ways of relating while promoting communication skills and relationship building techniques towards developing interpersonal functioning (2014-15, NMW)

  • Engaging philosophic and supported academic discourse on revisionist history for women (2014-15 private clients; 2014-15, Magpie Life; 2014-15, NMW) 

  • Experiential practice of meditation techniques.   How to practice life skills and stress management behaviors when informed by inward consciousness developed through use of self-awareness practice (2013-15, private clients; 2014-15, NMW)

  • Practical applications of the 12 principles of the 12 steps, with measurable, behavior-centered success indicators (2012-15, private clients; 2013-2015, NMW)

  • The recovery model in community mental health, specific to adjustment among the working poor (2003-2007, KCFSC: Kent County Family Support Center, Chestertown, MD.)

  • Stages of change model in long-term substance abuse recovery (2014-15, private clients; 2014-15, NMW)

  • Speaking to archetypal revisioning in transference dialogues (From Aphrodite to the Mother Mary, to Bridget to Isis to the Valkyrie, Revising Myth and Story of the Virgin in Feminine Consciousness.)(private clients, 2015)

  • Substance abuse as a mental health issue (private clients, 2013-15; 2013-15, NMW) 

traditional psychology




Wild Women Wisdom ©Kelly McMullen, 2016, all rights reserved

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