Women’s Embodiment

Your body naturally connects you to essential feminine archetypes.  The cyclical ways of Mother Nature and the Moon are but two~

the mermaid

Our culture pathologizes the female experience. Trusting your heart, your mind, oftentimes even your own body, likely means deconstructing certain stories ingrained in you about your gender.  Embodiment work heals this by helping you embrace the depth feminine, using the gifts and grace of your own physical body.

The goal of embodiment is personal autonomy.  This basically means at-one-ness. In your own life, factors in addition to gender like race, class, ability, sexuality, or heritage may also have been systemically exploited, or contributed to you living with pervasive abuse or neglect.  Trauma treatment is effective and important and what you deserve.

Women’s Embodiment can support your treatment.  We work on your own terms to encourage depth connection, healing, and empowerment.

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It is important to me that this work is accessible to all who need it.  Please contact me about discounted or scholarship rates. Priority for women of color and/or other minorities.

Women’s Embodiment Work is tailored to your needs:

Sara Golish

  • sacred circles
  • initiation rites
  • medicine wheel and earth-based ritual
  • journeying and retrieval work
  • ancestral connection
  • cord detaching and other specified energy work
  • workshops, in person or virtual
  • one on one, in person, virtually or on the phone


image, Sara Golish


Email thedelmarvafreeschool@gmail.com or call 443 493 3985, or learn more here.




The Mermaid, Heidrich Hermann 1854-1931

The Pretty Moon Maidens, Ida Rentoul Outhwaite 1888-1960