35 thoughts about being a white woman in america. 3 facts. 2 end notes.

i have no valid opinion based on the experience of being black to speak about. as a white american, i am used to having my opinion heard, and used to taking for granted how my experience informs my opinions. experience and opinions are distinctly different. so are opinions and facts. i must learn the difference….

Prayer, to Mokosh Who is Also Death Wolf At Mutating Door

It never ceases to amaze me, I am awakened the night before last to the whir of my own stressors but watched from afar, not all the way connected, knowing I wasn’t awakened by my whir knowing there was a slam-fit hit to my solar plexus space, and like that I meandered through the day….

New Moon before Lunar Beltane. Imagination as Calling.

It is new moon, it is respite, yearning.  It is the earth, her shadow upon the face of the moon. Her shadow calling breathless, calling in, calling home.  Sing song call, to rest.  Rest, nurture and reset yourself in the stillness of her peace. Quarantine Clarity.  Shows me myself. In all things the constant, how…

Prayer Visions. Alchemy @ Solstice Tide

This time of year the darkness is a weightless velvet air cloaking everything. Darkness is, it becomes us we become it.  A quality of being. On Tuesday morning there was no energy left for me other than the wane.  Gigantic hush far bigger than me, but of me~a surrender in my soul. The moon was tilting towards her…

Women’s Embodiment: Culture & Soul. At Summer Solstice~

Two weeks or so back, on the waxing moon of this cycle at the end of my work week, I was ovulating and in need for introspection.  To be precise, la luna was moving into her 1st quarter phase, amplifying the Virgin Archetype medicine that I and others in our co-op’s Women’s Mysteries group imprinted…