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Gas-lighting on Al Franken(stein)’s Street by LaChelle Schilling —

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I will add my #metoo, but don’t feel like going into details. I will just say that in light of my past experience and Al Franken’s statement of apology, I’m realizing why some of us don’t tell at an even deeper level. This is Al Franken’s statement: “I’ve met tens of thousands of people and […]

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Jared Yates Sexton. “They’ll stand by a man everyone agrees is a serial predator.”

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“With Trump’s base showing strong preferences for authoritarianism, and continuing to support a serial predator of children, it’s time to look this problem in its face.  This isn’t a political problem. This is a societal issue, a major major existential problem with who we are and how we view the world.  This is no longer about Democrats and Republicans, even through the latter fostered this group and gave it power and influence.  This is something larger.  We have a substantial group in this country who are okay with a president who would stamp out free speech, free press, and are comfortable with foreign influence and collusion.  They didn’t blink when a woman was murdered by white supremacists.  They do’t worry about mass shootings.  They support fascism in totality.  We’re so focused on Trump and this political circus that we’re missing the BIG BIG picture.  We have a growing, powerful section of our fellow citizens who do not believe in a democratic, shared society.  They only care about our laws and customs when they help them.  They do not believe in the Constitution or any founding principles unless they’re advantageous.  When those principles and customs are used to progress things, they them wholly and fall back on authoritarian ideals and fascist behavior.  They’ve always been here.  They’ve been slaveholders.  They’ve been confederates.  They’ve been our neighbors.  They’ve been or family.  Republicans fostered them as a means to push their policies and leveraged their worst instincts.  Now, they’ve lost hold of the leash and have been taken over from the inside.  Trump didn’t create this.  He is the total personification of this worldview.  He was elected to be their avatar because he is as lost in this as they are.  And as long as we keep looking at this as a Trump problem we’re not going to see the whole picture and we’re not going to even begin addressing it.  This is an education problem.  This is a social problem.  This is the heart of every corrosive element in this society.  It beats every second and spreads the infection further.  They’ll stand by Trump, a dangerous authoritarian.  They’ll stand by a man everyone agrees is a serial predator.  There’s literally no telling what they’ll stand by.  I know we all hope Roy Moore is the bottom of the hole, but it’s not.  If we don’t begin addressing this, we’re going to find that Moore is only the beginning.  If you come from a family like mine, you know that there are Americans who hold Adolf hitler in high regard.  Who say he had “good ideas.”  If people like Trump continue to push them further, there’s literally no telling what they’ll allow or what they’ll support.  This is how a democracy backslides into a fascist state.  I know people who have openly dreamed of having America a fascist country.  They talk all the time about how much better it would be.  This isn’t a slippery slope.  It’s a bottomless pit and we’d better start trying to find purchase and look at this ting in the face or else we’re going to fall and fall and fall. Believe me.  The people I know who would be okay with it?  They’re everywhere.  They work with you.  They shop at your stores.  They’d tell you to your face just what they would be okay with.  We cannot let them continue to build a base and have a seat at the table.  That only empowers them and furthers the danger.  Focus on Trump and Moore, but remember that this is so much larger than him.  They are symptoms of the disease and the disease worsens and spreads by the day.


posted originally on Twitter, 11/25/17

Thinking about authoritarianism when it comes to family systems and how insidious and toxic it can be….

…ahhh who does not acknowledge is doomed to repeat…:/

Continuum of misogyny.

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Along with others, I have felt relief, sorrow, and frustration watching hundreds of “me, too” posts and narratives flood my feed. Relief that our society is paying attention to the epidemic of misogynist violence in a new way, that we are having crucial conversations about how bad it is and what to do about it. […]

via Me, Too: How do we heal rape culture? — Part 1 by Trelawney Grenfell-Muir —

This is beautiful and inspires the place in me

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…where my fundamentally Marian-led sacred heart fires in vibrational unconditional love and application of the religion my family’s people baptized and schooled me in


This is a moment to drive the merchants of hate out of the Temple, as Jesus did. But will the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) bear prophetic witness? Do they have it in them to proclaim the Gospel? I am a Catholic from Malaysia who has lived in the United States for nearly […]

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Healing Medicine Radio Debut!

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THIS is excellent.  Soul, the dark side, feminine embodiment, the Real Work, the Mysteries, Tarot, Herbalism

and and and

Multi-platform Artist n Earth Mama Kristina Cyr interviews architect turned tattoo artist, 8 Coins, and self-proclaimed Plant Woman, Justeen Sweet

Are the Gods Afraid of Black Sexuality? by amina wadud

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“One problem with my participation was how to introduce another conception of “God” while still engaging the intersection of race and sexuality with only 15 minutes. So I had to talk really fast.”

Thank you for clearly identifying the distinctions, and addressing how you believe embodying change looks for us all!

amina 2014 - croppedThis was the title of a two day conference recently held at Columbia University. At one point on the first day, one presenter asked if there was anyone who is not Christian. Two hands went up, sitting side by side: mine and a film maker friend who had been instrumental in getting me invited to present. She is Buddhist and was showing a trailer from her documentary on rape in the Black community.

One problem with my participation was how to introduce another conception of “God” while still engaging the intersection of race and sexuality with only 15 minutes. So I had to talk really fast.

While the easy answer is, “No,” the God in Islam is not afraid of Black sexuality, I still had a lot of ground to cover about the sex-affirming history and spirit of Islamic thought and practice. Because the preference is to marry, which is a…

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In Memory of Margot Adler (1946-2014) Priestess, Journalist, Skeptic, Mystic by Elizabeth Cunningham

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A fitting memorial on the Dawn of Lunar Samhain. Drawing Down the Moon is such an important book… I encourage my readers to check it out if not familiar. Travel well sister.

Elizabeth Cunningham headshot jpeg“Ritual has the power to end our alienation from the earth and from each other. It allows us to enter a world where we are at home with the trees and the stars and other beings, and even with the carefully hidden and protected parts of ourselves that we sometime contact in dreams or in art.” –Margot Adler

Margot Adler died of cancer on July 28, 2014. A Pagan priestess, she asked for memorial events to be held in the season of Samhain, also known as Halloween.  At this time of year, the rituals of many religious traditions remind us that we are all connected, the living, the dead, and those to come, one continuous communion.  In this spirit, I offer a tribute to the late Margot Adler.

Though I must have heard her distinctive voice on National Public Radio where she served as an innovative and eclectic journalist…

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Honoring Our Mothers, Honoring Our Selves by Safa Plenty

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Beautiful, tender thoughts for this weeks moon, which I honor as The Soul’s New Year. Thank you!


“The moon has always been the primary symbol for female energy; its cycle around the earth takes approximately twenty-nine days, the same amount of time as the average woman’s menstrual cycle. It is often felt that as the pull of the moon affects the waters of the world, so does its motion affect the body of woman.” —Women’s Medicine Ways’ Cross-Cultural Rites of Passage by Marcia Starck 

Her full moon arose today,
sprinkling liquid stardust
onto her bathroom floor,
decorating her mattress
with vibrant hues of deep red,
staining her pajama pants
with artistic, circular symmetry.

For days, she had waited
for the completion of her moon,
while the sun shun
its luminous rays upon her,
the fall equinox bringing that
massive star into greater centrality.

And on a night, her moon had not set,
she sang to the four directions,
shattering myths of tainted womanhood,
tales of storks…

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Stop demonizing black youth.

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And if you’re white, ask yourself if the privilege of taking your child’s safety for granted blinds you to your ethical responsibility of speaking up.

Rewilding The Yoga Body

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Reblogging THIS, because THIS IS WILD WOMEN WISDOM! So great, thanks!

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Recently a fb image of a young, white, lithe yogini balancing in an extremely deep back bend disturbed me. Not because she was just another example of the yoga Barbie -er yoga body –which saturates my yoga feed, but because she was posing in a sun-dappled forest grove accompanied by the hashtags “Fantastic #yoga” and “#rewilding inspiration.”

But c’mon. Isn’t rewilding about returning to a more natural undomesticated state? How can an icon of a corporate culture which keeps us striving to achieve artificial, cultural ideals be associated with what is wild, free and unsullied by human intervention – exactly?

Many ‘rewilders’ see the Paleolithic as a time when earth, its flora and fauna, and humans existed in a true primeval state. And if we look to our stone-age ancestors its pretty clear ‘the yoga body’ just wasn’t in. For tens of thousands of years, painted on cave walls and…

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