Dark into Light: The Mother Earth Delegation of United Indigenous Nations of the North

I am reminded as I write this of the two most meaningful applications that I know of faith. The first, that faith doesn’t mean I know where I’m headed. It just means that I trust that I’ll get there safely.

The second, that faith isn’t faith unless fear is present. Without the presence of fearing or not knowing the outcome, I don’t need to take the risk of having faith. Therefor faith is only really a practice in action when the tension of stress or fear or doubt is the motive.

This is a prayer call to the Faith-Full. AND this is especially a prayer call to those whose faith is diminished by the pathless dark that may be in front of them.

This is a reminder that Dark into Light is the alchemy path, the soul way.

This is a reminder. Transmute Fear into Faith.

In my inner-sight space, space lit by heart-light, by soul-sight, I keep seeing The Mists.

In the Imaginal, the Dreamspace, the journey realm, The Mists appear when we are between 2 or more worlds.

At the edge, between 2 or more worlds, realms, realities–like what was normal and known into …what is now New and AbNormal, Unknown–that is where all new life, all potential happens.

It is where the freshness of new energy, of new life, lives.

This is Prayer for Mother Earth. A reminder that we are born of her, and to her we shall return. A prayer for her safe-keeping, for eyes to see her, ears to hear her, and hearts to feel her truth as the New, from the Old, potentially emerges.

This is a prayer that we re-find our Home.

This a prayer call. A Power-Full, power-full prayer call.

Amen, amen, amen!


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