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Sacred Wellness 

Winter 2019-20 Learning Circle. Women’s Mysteries: Power of Words.

Words Matter!  What are the stories you tell your self and how can we help you heal the ways they were written in your mind, heart, and body?  Depth psychology refers to the study of the anima mundi, latin for World Soul.  Kelly researched women’s physiology in correlation with women’s sacred stories and practices. Learn for yourself!  Explore the clinical results when women create and take part in personal sacred time for good mental health.  Virtual circles encouraged~ they are an awesome introduction to depth embodiment and wellness.  Grab some friends and contact to schedule.

New members, $25 for 75 minute circle.  Minimum 3 members.  Current members, $10.  Benefactor members, free.

New Member discount.  Schedule 3 circles, attend 4th free.

Embodiment work

The goal of embodiment is personal autonomy.  We use the gifts and grace of your own physical body to heal your at-one-ness.

If factors in your life in addition to gender like race, class, ability, sexuality, or heritage may also have been systemically exploited, trauma treatment is effective and important and what you deserve. My professional experience and approach embraces this perspective.

Women’s Embodiment supports and can be an integral aspect of this treatment.  We work on your own terms to encourage depth connection, healing, and empowerment.

Learn more about my personal and professional experience here.

It is important to me that this work is accessible to all who need it.  Please contact me about discounted or scholarship rates. Priority for women of color or other minorities.  One on one, group, phone, or virtual work is available.

Women’s Embodiment is tailored to your needs:

Sara Golish

  • sacred circles
  • initiation rites
  • medicine wheel and earth-based ritual
  • journeying and retrieval work
  • ancestral connection
  • other specified energy work
  • workshops, in person or virtual
  • one on one, in person, virtually or on the phone


image, Sara Golish


Email thedelmarvafreeschool@gmail.com or call 443 493 3985, or learn more here.




The Mermaid, Heidrich Hermann 1854-1931

The Pretty Moon Maidens, Ida Rentoul Outhwaite 1888-1960