Brigid’s Full Moon

In honor of tonight’s full moon, and its alliance with last new moon, so Imbolc, Brigid, and the Virgin archetype overall, I’ve included some of the tidbits different solitary women’s mysteries members have shared from their own practices since then!

Invocation, for Imbolc

Teach me the way of the woods

Oh wise one, teach me the way of the woods. 

I want to know magic. I want to know good. 

It’s simple you see, for the woods shares its knowledge with you and me. 

Take a minute, sit still, and listen. The woods will tell all and we need only ask permission. 

The lores you’ve heard, there is truth in them all. 

Passed down for generations, not one of theme should be regarded as small. 

The fae share with us their stories. The dragons are powerful, but hath no fury. 

The tomtes protect every farm and it’s creatures. The angels connect as our spiritual teachers. 

Plant medicine grows from every nook and cranny, as the sun shines through the tree top canopy. 

The butterflies keep our secrets, the dragonflies our wisdom.

For the woods knows all of our humanisms. 

The moon, stars, and sun never ever falter. As the woods depends on them to remain unaltered. 

Providing us nourishment and shelter, warmth and protection.

Magic, above all else is its greatest connection. 

The squirrel plants our trees, the deer eat their leaves. 

For the woods provides all that nature needs. 

We go to the woods to relax and unwind, but the woods have the power to teach all mankind. 

Teach the ways of the past, where we lived as one. 

When the woods were respected, valued, and looked with love upon. 

If only we visited a bit more often, the turmoil in our world would soon be forgotten. 

The way of the woods is grounded in love, just like the magic that grew you, little one. 

by Sheena


The haze on Brigid’s day

One of a number of pics I received on traditional Imbolc, a day blanketed by the mists…

The sudden appearance of mists suggests the thin veil of the Otherworlds.

Dig the rose in the flame of this pic, Imbolc invocation candle on (the windy) beach

The rose is a mystery symbol of the divine feminine at work in the transmutation of the soul through the sacred heart~as seen in these meditative images opened to at random whim, in devotion, this morning

from Untie the Strong Woman: Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Love for the Wild Soul
by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

And so the Blessed Virgin continues to speak…how does she light up for you, now, under this her special Full Moon?