Lunar Imbolc 2022. We round the last dark corner


Grossman, Evening Flight with Crescent Moon

Monday into Tuesday evening is the lunar celebration of mid-winter.

Wednesday is the traditional, Brigid’s day as my tradition has come to life for me in past year’s, Imbolc or Candlemas in other terms.

Lunar Imbolc is signified on the Mystery Path by the crescent moon.

This is entryway time, we welcome Virgin moon, this is the lunation when She First Emerges.

Likewise, this dark moon occurring right now like this weekend is a good moon for clarity or “coming to” in areas where we might not have full autonomy over our own life, and how and what that means or has meant for us.

We round the last dark corner of the season of dark now friends, and in doing so we feel the weariness, the exhaust all around us in the dark.

Replenish as much as much as much as you need.

Imbolc is when the spiritus is first lit, touched by the air of inspiration. At Equinox tide, such air will come into first light~

Be mindful of what casts itself inside your dark right now. What uplifts, ignites, revitalizes? What soothes, detangles, eases pain?

We are a hurt people in a hurt time dear ones. Be good to yourself in daily, practical ways. See about being in relation with others so that no one’s needs are invalid. Trust nuetrality in the mind-body and openness in the heart to see you through.

Remember, in her many many many forms, the Virgin is near,
her magic afoot~

She Heals. So may it be.