Dreaming Moon. Body Sovereignty

Monday’s full moon is part of the first lunation (complete moon cycle) of the new solar year, the new moon of winter solstice.

This is the lunation I call Dreaming moon. Dreaming moon is its own special time between times, time of the true power of winter arriving. When we reckon with stillness. The need for inactivity.

Margaret Clark, 1901-2001

The feeling of darkness, of waned energy, all around.

How for the perpetually busy, this can feel like being “in traction.”

Because it is ~

From the website vocabulary.com,

An arm in traction is temporarily tied up, but it is probably on the mend. A person in traction is presently immobile, but traction can also be used to describe the state of an object being pulled, or the friction between that object and the surface it is pulled across.

And that is winter, especially moon 1. I’d reframe it, for the purpose of let’s say deep animism, to say we surrender to being temporarily immobile in order to get our footing in the soil of our new year. In order to gain traction.

Which, dig it, is ‘ever just right’ as one of our Women’s circle leaders often says. Because this is the lunation before lunar Imbolc, which arrives on the next new moon, overnight Jan 31 to Feb 1, (aligning it with traditional Imbolc as well so it will be a power tide!)

Lunar Imbolc is a cross-quarter, or mid-season sabbat. It marks the esoteric mid point of Winter, and the first energetic quickening: Imbolc we at times call “seed moon.”

Striving for too much (from ourselves, others, our expectations )before seed moon can be a real waste of pscyho/spiritual energetics. Now is the axiom~all things in their time, and that time is likely not now!

Full moons magnetize energy, sending more sunlight to the earth. So if you’re already feeling that discomfort of immobility, that running in circles false start sensation, know this weekend could accentuate it.

Or, you can slow down. Be with. Surrender to what you’re fighting. To the momentum of Winter, of Mother Nature’s course right now. If you can, drop deep:

Dreaming moon is a fabulous time to slow wayyy down within, to the inner retreat, the inner sanctum. To find joy in the practical, and believe deeply in the imaginal, the dreaming psyche/soul, full of potentiation for the harvest year to come. It’s the weekend to daydream to your wildest heart’s content! To hear for the longings and whispers, the emanations of what you’d so love to bring into being this year. Best tools or ritual work for this weekend is a wide open imagination and intentional work with what you deep deep down secretly in the shadow place believe (or don’t) you deserve…

Remind yourselves, dear ones, the seed has the imprint of but not the energy foryet~the fruit. All things to their season. Dream big right now, for this weekend’s illuminated reveries drop seeds for action come next new moon~lunar Imbolc.

Dreaming moon is when we tend the soil of our Self.

To combat being “in traction” or false starts, this is the lunation for building the practical. Sleep habits. Basic health habits of nourishment like getting enough water, greens, fibers, proteins etc and especially whatever basic staples are specific to you. It’s the lunation to be on the look out in your own life. To practice the permaculture pricinciple 1 (nod to my teacher Starhawk, here) Observe. Obseve closely your own habits, especially if you are unable to add new ones or change ones as easily as you’d hoped.

See what you can see this weekend about yourself! Deepen the metaphor of illumination by being fiercely open-eyed and practical with your own life.

It’s always a good time to tend these practicalities, but maybe there could not be a better lunation then right now to tend the energetic imprint, the psycho-emotional or psycho-spiritual intention/will-motive behind them: Body Sovereignty

Body Sovereignty, which means deep emotional alignment with your right to your own sacred agency over your life, by claiming this agency beginning within: with the bodies of your body.

This is a Rite, and a right.

Body sovereignty

Body sovereignty

Body sovereignty~

Claim your Sovereignty. Over your heart body, your mind body. Your energetic and etheric bodies. Your deep intuitive or womb body. Your physical body, sacred home for all your bodies. Claim it over and over. Your right to heal and transform. To heal your trauma bodies, which begins by acknowledgement. Your own shadow body.

Imprint this this weekend. Your own willingness to grow in love and sacred autonomy, to transform your life and experience of living by focusing again and again on your own sovereignty.

Trust timing to show you the rest…by the time this lunation completes come next new moon, lunar Imbolc.

Happy Dreaming moon lovies! To the Rite of Body as Sacred on your own terms, of the Bodies of the Body as Sovereign. So may it be~