Time out of time, on the 13th moon~

So frens if ya feelin a bit witchy, this moons for you ❤

To my earth walk, our time is sort of out of time as this is the 13th moon of the lunar year. Meaning this a time to activate the magic of the 13th moon concept:

Inherent to women’s mysteries is the deep descent into dark/ending is the beginning phase of the dark into new moon. This is a mystery rite, or like a gnosis, which means secret knowledge, with applied meaning on a number of levels.

On my earth path I have learned to count the esoteric idea of the 13th moon as this lunation, that starts the new year/ends the old w lunar Samhain. So that this lunar Samhain and last are 13 cycles. Same as this one and next~

Honoring the overlap, the Space in between. Time out of Time~

Earth teaches quieter lessons now, why and how to prepare for rest. Teaches to value the fallow, or dormant seasons. Recall that both these states are temporary. A passing from one way to the next that can look like inactivity. Recall that winter on the wheel is in the north, or the way forward~

So winter teaches that to go forward sometimes means first, rest.

What did you learn this Harvest season?

What did you grow?
What did you let go of?
What needs space now?
To grieve, set boundary’s, release or re-relate?

Overnight tomorrow is the full moon. Full moons amplify your energy. What you give out you get back like. Intentions can be sealed, energetic grounding, sealing and shielding, visualizing and trancing all work especially well this week.

Essential life energy is out there just emanating in the natural spaces, get outside if you can!

My active imaginal is alive right now and potent. Work with images, guides, prayer and devotion is accelerated!What do you see about yourself and your life, your relationships, what is meaningful to you, alive around you right now?

This full moon also has a pretty epic lunar eclipse. Banishing rituals an eclipse uplifts, be certain as nature abhors a vacuum to be intentional with the space that is left.A little chant that just surfaced now in my soul 🙂

It is a lunation to prepare, to tend your self well. The lunation that comes with the next new moon brings Winter. Any case I am burning a Harvest candle right now, counting my blessings and actively giving thanks, thinking on the offering I am preparing for the Winter Solstice.

Here is a pic of some of the quiet, lil magic I did here this moon, for/on our farm.Be well dear ones, be good to you!

May gratitude find your heart open this day. Be well dear friends, be good to you!