Happy Lunar Samhain


The body is also very truthful. You know from your own life that your body rarely lies. Your mind can deceive you and put all kinds of barriers between you and your nature; but your body does not lie. Your body tell you, if you attend to it, how your life is and where you are living from your soul or from the labyrinths of your negativity. John O’Donohue

It was rainy and winter cold yesterday for the first time here on the mid-Atlantic seaboard. Babe and I needed babe and I time and his work was on pause for the weather so we took my favorite cruise to a north beach/town. We ate well and entertained ourselves shopping for nooks, then at home again, my body brought me back in the Holy way to the spirit of my Life. What I mean is it is Lunar Samhain now, the underworld medial space / crossing is Open and Happening w this dark moon of sun sign Scorpio blessed be, be Blessed~

If you know me, or follow what you read here, you know I am a new mama. Lunar Samhain tide is the official end of the Harvest season when Seeds for future are sewn. You may know that it was lunar Samhain last year when I found out I was pregnant.

I, who had made choice to remain without bio kids. Who had conscientiously come to the truth that it was not ever a path I wanted for me. On witch’s new year last year, the morning I was heading out for WNY camping in the woods is exactly when I found out I was w new lil light. I was only a day late, tho my body had been telling me all week, and the Ancestors too under the Final Harvest moon had indicated a major surprise. So it was the salted circle, the woods, the fire, the sisterhood of dear soul fam, these divergent points with the body of Mama Earth’s precious body, the body of soul to soul heart to heart transformed my reality…bc as I write this my baby daughter is here, 3 and a half mos old, mama having just finished 4th trimester passing the week I resumed work. Timing, holy timing, precious, precious sovereign bodies of the One Body…so it is, so it will be.

Ahhh sacred, blessed human body. How I call me back to me one million times a day, the bodies of my sacred, precious body. Last night we got home, various non-bio kids shuttled about to and fro, and after lil’st one was down for the eve I only knew, I need a soak. Ocean-headed as I am how much did I celebrate to find a new home w a soaking tub for salt soaks! I lit the new candle I bought yesterday for my alter, called sweaters and snuggles or something, not knowing the lid had a sticker titled, Perfect Harvest. With that the magic came on, I got in the tub only to recognize, again….ohhh, holy holy sacred Wisdom of my precious body, by listening to what I needed the Rite of the Esbat naturally moved me, again: I had realized it was Samhain tide in the start of this lunation last month when the painting made by my Crone Ancestor Maggie tugged at my second site from where it sits above my bath. Now my dear body led me back, on the dark moon, to the tub to tend.

Which is just what’s called for how I practice Samhain. Not only homage to the Ancestors, but homage to the divinity of the body, the sacred precious keeper of the Soul. Homage that for me looks like conscious time to review my year. I luxuriated in the soak last night and spiraled my way consciously, led and leading, back Home to me. I began by calling back the drive to the woods last witch’s new year, and the calls with Beth and Erin on the way, the morning I learned I was pregnant. I spiraled through my year from there, led and leading through my soul’s Harvest, month by month. I allowed space for the great triumphs and great griefs. They were significant, alive in my body one by one, some more strong, emerging as I went slowly back over a year of days.

Salt grounds. And so my salt soak meditation was not about release, it was about grounding into the flesh and bones of my reality, in the Medial space at One w Wisdom of Witnesser. At Samhain, as monthly at the dark moon, we meet the Crone face, she who can clearly see~

The descent is real.

At the point of stillness, the dark deep, empty once my reflection was complete, Space emerged. In which I named my Wants, witnessed my Needs.

Casted seeds~

I emerged from the bath cleaned and refreshed for the New Year. I anointed myself with calendula oil, pot marigold, a familiar of this Tide. It was the last of the bottle, what was left from my rubbing my growing mama’s belly and legs, low back, feet during my and baby’s first 9 months.

So we celebrate lunar Samhain, the esoteric bones of the secular Halloween. Tonight the dark moon alchemy peaks, tomorrow the moon becomes new in the afternoon, the official Witch’s New Year. We are held in the traction of old to new. Our psyche naturally readying…now we retreat, however quietly, wildly, resistant or fearful, chaotic irreverent, willingly, laughingly, weepingly letting go… towards Winter and full descent to the house or face of Death. Remember too at this Tide anticipation of lights return on the Solstice or Yule.

Remember rest. Hope.


Happiest lunar Samhain, friends. May it be blessed. May the bodies of your Sacred Precious Body be blessed. May you be blessed. Don’t let them tame you!

camping, wny last year

Halloween, this year