field notes on animism. tracking~

day 1.

to find the sacred circle. it will open itself to you as it did when the tree breeze led you there the first time. begin with faith in this. trust the ecology. the calf high lime green underbrush tho unknown to you now is friend yet to be met.

the holly grove is holy. you know this. begin here, a good home base. the stillness emanates between the leaves. trust the land. trust your self.

belief in whim is one entryway to active animism

when the circle opens recognize the only words that have been playing in your mind. sentients, again and again. sentients, all week. able to perceive or feel things.

there is a difference, you know now. sentients, like a title.

sentience, a way of relating~

you see now, w immediacy. the arced threshold at the otherside of the edge of the forest. along the clearing w all the lush green. mark this. markings, everywhere. noting. tracking. mark the threshold just on this side of the wall of brush. the two Old Ones. the two beyond them. the Grove from this Direction.

a long time, doing nothing, skin to skin, taking it all in. nothing to do. absorb.

the body of Her body with yours/the body of y/Our body

skin to skin now back to bark. wait here a while, actively now you are anticipating a sign.

first a small test, dear tic, immediacy of the blood response, hello i am friend

you give up and think it selfish to expect anything else of course this is when swallowtail comes

opposite the Two Beyond Them are two smaller, in Reflection. on the way away they pull you. you give thanks, acknowledge. their Sentience. i ask them for Direction

to the Old Growth Pine, the first one we ever found, on the mound and
they answer easily and back you track
and sure enough find OGP
right where they said it’d be


the grass, when you emerge, still wet w dew

sweetness of relief &

the landbound Muscovies

observant as could be

thank you (disseminating moon in thru window two days back)

~thank you it’s own divine task~

w this post, i ask

what is your Name?