Nana Dr. Akosua Akyaa…


“Psychiatrist. Behavioral Scientist. Healer. Author. Activist.
…and now Ancestral Warrior for Black Children.”

-from the Black Mental Health Alliance Board President, Jonathan Shepherd, MD, yesterday:

“These words describe Dr. Patricia A. Newton (better known as Nana Dr. Akosua Akyaa), her tremendous impact on mental health professionals around the world and the field of Black mental health, and now her new eternal legacy. Dr. Newton kept it real before “keeping it real” became a part of our lexicon. She was unapologetically Black with a warrior spirit in addressing the mental health issues within our Black communities caused and exacerbated by racial trauma for over 400 years and continues to impact our children and youth today. 
Damage done methodically and intentionally to a group of people is targeted towards the children within that group. Why? Because when you infect the children you then affect their adult lives. – Dr. Patricia Newton
The Black Mental Health Alliance, INC. (BMHA) was honored to have Dr. Newton serve as keynote speaker for collective Black healing summits and lead discussions during our educational conferences. She brought the truth with her wit, smile, sharp analysis, and was the highlight of all those in attendance. 
On behalf of the past and current members of the Board of Directors, staff, and the general membership at large of the BMHA, we salute Dr. Newton for a job well done for she will truly be missed. The BMHA is more emboldened than ever to carry on her legacy to heal the most traumatized demographic group in America – Black children. We now know that Dr. Newton is with the ancestral warriors who will continue to ask the traditional greeting question “How are the children?” 
Our commitment now is to walk in the footsteps of Dr. Newton and create answers for holistic healing among our children and young adults for centuries to come.

❤ Rest in Power t& Travelin blessings this Sacred, ancestral Harvest tide ❤

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