Second Harvest Moon, 2020.


Tomorrow night is the second Harvest Moon ❤ on the earth or Women’s Mysteries path.

This is the moon following Mabon.

How was your Fall Equinox last week? The energy or themes catalyzed (meaning present and activating) for you then peaks this week under the full light of Mama Luna. Depth or sacred feminine as an approach is a good reminder for us all right now.

The feminine is cyclic, relational. Meaning as an approach or healing value, it considers unique or singular experiences as an aspect of and informed by a larger whole. Just as how Mama Moon in her Fullness, reflecting sunlight, is but one part of her and hardly representative of her All! As a metaphor, Depth, Sacred Feminine embraces changingness, two or more truths at once, and being process-oriented. Thus, in embodying this Way of Beingness, we lean into our own, unique rhythms and the wholeness of who we truly are.

Is it a time for you of Harvest, of bounty gathering? Of giving? Of seed collecting? Receiving? Is it a time to let go? Of control? Old behaviors, outgrown beliefs? Of rigid, logic driven doing in favor of responsive, gentle, emotional “knowing”?

The Sacred Feminine not only nurtures, she creates AND destroys. She can be active and light-giving as Mama Luna tomorrow night, and passive and depth-receiving as when she disappears in the sky, visible in only a sensing, restful and quiet, Self-allowing way.

Second Harvest Moon during the Collective SEEING in the Dark of 2020. 20/20 Vision, perfect Clear-Seeing. During a Dark Night of Soul.What is alive in your life, or in need of release or re-relating, as she illumines the night sky?

Expect truths this week friends. Gentleness with you is a grace of Beingness touched by the Depth Feminine. So too is her harshness, her Clarifying Death Face if we are full of fear or with rigid self-denial, shame, or hyper-vigilant resistance.

My personal intention for Mabon was coupled with the prayer practice of Surrender. Mabon rules the West on the Wheel of the Year, direction of Reflection, Wisdom, Ancestors. Surrender for me this year is pretty total…Mabon was the second time this year I found myself spiritually and mentally willing to let go of all of my ideas about what I need and want in the most fundamental personal and professional areas of my life.

It is bounty-time and blessing-thanking for sure, but for me it is also a gentle embrace, each new day of Fall, of the Willingness to not know right now~To trust Sacred Source, just for today, as I release this, too, over and over.

I think that’s why the Depth Feminine, in form of a most gentle, enormous!!! And so very peace-full and calm image of Mama Moon awoke me last night. Alive and breathing, receiving all of me, alive and soothing, reSourcing every part of me through and through.

Draw her down~

Surrender to the Mystery, dear ones.Let its precious ALLness reSource your Soul. The Depth Feminine is continuing to Awaken~my love and support if you, too, heed her Call.Happy, blessed second Harvest Moon!Don’t Let Them Tame You~



image, Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, 1888-1960

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