Mabon. Rites of Fall, Second Harvest.

Happy last day of Summer, dear friends.

Tomorrow is Mabon, Fall Equinox, or Second Harvest on the Wheel of the Year. It is the day of equal amount of light and dark. Beginning Wednesday, the balance tips. We lean into the dark half, when the length of nighttime gains longer than day, of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere of Mama Earth that is…

This year for Mabon I am feeling really connected to calendula, also known as pot marigolds. Classically we see these flowers adorning Samhain, or the festivities of Halloween or Days of the Dead alters, ceremonies and celebrations. On the soul walk of the Wheel of the Year, Harvest Holidays are when we tend, or pay close attention to, whatever circumstances are going on in our lives.So for me this year my calendula is popping in every direction!

And it is significant to me, the Timing of this. I lost most my seeded herbs and veggies from late frosts this year. My calendula boy did they flourish though. Traditional marigolds are left at graves of our departed loved ones on All Souls or All Saints Day. They have a long history and tradition in many cultures that reflect their relationship with the sun, light, and love~looking like small Sunshines and believed to be in special relationship to the sun and different solar deities. This is part of the reason they are left on the graves, to bring light for the Ancestors in the other realms. This year, as Equinox nears, I am in deep tending of my Ancestors, both familial and spiritual Elders that have passed; as well as familial Elders in late stage of Life.

I harvested Calendula as I gave thanks for the bounty of grace and life this year over the whole host of my experiences. But especially the ones that my Ancestors and Elders have “benefactored” my way~by giving me bodily or emotional or mental life via my family, or soul life via mentorship, support and guidance.I harvested Calendula as I considered the Passing of the Season of Light, of the Sun, of Summer. Alllll the many ups and downs I lived through since the quarantine started the week of Spring Equinox.

I harvested and prayed over, blessed and sat with Calendula as I considered too what it is specifically that I am willing, this Harvest tide, to release. What am I growing, or have outgrown, that no longer serves me?

And in this, considering the release, I am brought to the Threshold of Being In-Between. For, at Mabon’s door, we consider the Season passing, and the One Yet to Be. We hold space, In-Between. We hold what we no longer we need. We hold space for what is still yet to be.

To do so, this year for Mabon I am tending the Still-Point. The Still-Point, In-Between. The place, even amidst the chaos of Wild Harvest, we find stillness, peace.

Take a deep breath in, lengthen the exhale and allow your body to relax. Allow your natural rhythm of breath to mindfully emerge. Note the pause when you do, between the inhalation and exhalation, between the exhalation and inhalation. Honor the Peace of the Still-Point, In-Between. Your natural Still-Point, amid all the other distractions, good bad and every iteration of both and, of life happening…Find Your Still-Point, In-Between.

This is Mabon. Making Space, Time, to tend the deep Still-Point of Life. Tend this within. I consecrated my lavender harvest with this Blessing.There are no right or wrong ways to honor the passings on the Wheel of the Year. To walk it soulfully is to instead, as said, tend what is alive, the in real life circumstances going on for you right now. The Sacred Mundane!

Autumn is West on the Wheel and the element we honor is Water. I gathered sea water Sunday which I will allow to dry and make salt with for future ritual. Water always reminds me of the Lesson or Medicine of Autumn: Changingness.

What is Changing? What needs to Change? What needs to be allowed to change? What changes do you resist?

I also added beach agates, which I gathered almost every time I was on the beach or in the sea this Summer bc JOY!!! to my Offering Blend for Autumn.

Ritual ingredients right now can include any herb or veggie growing wild. Apples, acorns, corn, water, fire, honey etc…Burn a candle of thanks as you tend your bounty or lived harvest of the Season of Light, burn a written intent around what you’re releasing. Extinguish the candle and honor the Dark, the Season and the Coming Unknown.

It’s a Harvest festival, make a Harvest meal of late Summer bounty or Autumn’s. Infuse with thanks. Remember ritual ingredients are significant if they are special to you, are symbolic or meaning-full for you.

Get yourself a broom, one of those cinnamon straw made ones if you like, and energetically clean your space. This is a form of release, too.

Tend your Harvest, friends.Trust your self, you know what you need. You know your light, you know your dark. Tend.May the Peace of the Still-Point be yours.

May what you release make way for the most spectacular new blessings to come on through.May what you count as Blessings or Bounty root you to You, to who and how and what you hold dear. May you be blessed, blessed Be.

Happy Mabon!


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