New Moon Overnight


Overnight we hit the pitch of depth of lunar dark for the month~her new lunation, or new moon, comes with the dawn.

This is the new moon cycle that brings about the Rites of Fall, known as Mabon or Fall Equinox. Archetypal time of Both, And….Equal balance of daytime and nighttime. Lesson of Being In-Between~Mabon arrives Tuesday in the Northern Hemisphere.

How has your week been? Reflection, release, and reckoning are all on our side this week. Take time to be still, to allow. Get outside and feel the season changing, if of course you are in a place that it is safe to do so.

image, Vicki Rawlins,

Space held as our souls ready to move from this form to a new one. Sacred Space held for all Places, all People, all Communities, all Beings that suffer right now, who are not safe.

When the moon wanes to absolute darkness, dive in towards depth stillness. Surrender to the re-set.

What will you let go of? What needs you to hold space? What needs your stillness, your surrender?

Dark moon to new moon, with a Seasonal Rite next week. Mabon is known traditionally as the Second Harvest on the Earth Path. Transformation is upon us.

What intention will you set?

To your own Self may you be true, may you surrender, may you find. DONT LET THEM TAME YOU

❤Happy dark to new moon ❤

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