Mabon. Rites of Fall, Second Harvest.

Happy last day of Summer, dear friends. Tomorrow is Mabon, Fall Equinox, or Second Harvest on the Wheel of the Year. It is the day of equal amount of light and dark. Beginning Wednesday, the balance tips. We lean into the dark half, when the length of nighttime gains longer than day, of the year….

Lunar Beltane and Gibbous Moon 2019

“When new life stirs within the womb, and a mother has the sensation of her baby moving within her for the first time, it’s called “quickening.” The same word is associated with pilgrims, who go to sacred places to “quicken” the divinity within themselves, to experience spiritual awakening or receive a blessing or become healed….

New Moon to Lunar Lammas, Healing the Feminine in 2017

Ahhhh, friends. What a year, no?  Our first moon cycle in 2017 inaugurated a man as the leader of our metaphoric house who bragged about the exploitation and objectification of the female body.  Our values supported this. The normalization of exploitation in this house is unacceptable. The female body.  The female body.  The female body….

Divine Love & Healing Shame on Lunar Beltane

Beltane, if celebrated on the lunar-led earth path of the medicine wheel, is tonight. Ancestors used to celebrate Beltane as the traditional start of summer. Think fire, passion!!  May Day, when maidens danced the Maypoles and the lusty earth was potent with the growing BLOSSOMS that at spring were birthed!  When certainly some of those…

New Moon of Spring :)

The dark is the power of the feminine, as death is the power of life. The dark moon, before she peaks. This is the feminine in her essence. Without the light of the sun, which is the light we see nocturnally reflected at us via La Luna, she is who she is. NO MASKS. Nothing…

Spring Equinox, on a Last Quarter Moon

Spring Equinox is today!! It is the Entryway into Season of Light. Entryway a word I use specifically, meaning Threshold Time, time of powerful pause, when two states exist side by side. At once we hold the Season of Dark’s end, right next to our Sacred entry to Spring. The winter is our dark night,…