Lunar Beltane and Gibbous Moon 2019


“When new life stirs within the womb, and a mother has the sensation of her baby moving within her for the first time, it’s called “quickening.” The same word is associated with pilgrims, who go to sacred places to “quicken” the divinity within themselves, to experience spiritual awakening or receive a blessing or become healed. The seeker embarks on a journey with a receptive soul and hopes to find divinity there.” Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

Saturday’s full moon, known as Lunar Beltane on the women’s mysteries path, peaks around 5 pm on the east coast. Lunar Beltane is the same celebration of the traditional holiday, aligned with the lunar calendar on the medicine wheel of the year.

From this perspective, we value her waxing gibbous phase right now! This phase aligns with the Southeast cross quarter phase on the mystery wheel: the corner that we celebrate peak fertility.

This is a time of the month and year in the Northern Hemisphere that “Quickenings” naturally occur in physical form all around and about us. Movements of life and soul, areas that we have fed either mindfully or not so much–fertilize and manifest in physical form. The energy is potent for creativity, growing, increasing, and especially, as suggested in the fabulous quote above, for connecting or re-connecting to spiritual insights, teachings, and transformative experiences in really natural, harmonious ways.

Immediate manifestation can be a synchronistic feature of this cross quarter!

As those of you who know me will likely attest, playfulness, wonder and joy are the medicines that to me are indispensable. Create time to get outside this week and play. Without an agenda, reconnect to your childlike sense of wonder and joy…There couldn’t be a better way to celebrate, and to organically vibrate, with the Mama Nature’s overall tide right now.

If your personal life is in a phase counter to this rhythm, may you know softness as you embrace exactly where you are at, and gentleness as you receive exactly how to use this phase in support and sweetness towards whatever you need.

Be well, dear friends. Be good to you!

~Don’t Let Them Tame You~

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