New Moon & Red Tent Wisdom


Mama N e W M o o N we ready ourselves for you!

She arrives over night Sunday into Monday, near dawn here on the Midatlantic east coast of the States.

That makes this weekend balsamic, or depth of dark moon…when she is on our side with her pull to go within, reflect, recharge, make space, be…. R e s t.

In the Mystery tradition, this phase of the moon is the metaphoric pre menstrual…when we ready to release and make anew at the same time…the MOST powerFULL alchemical phase of our lunar or personal month or stage of development or life. As a life stage, dark moon time is peri-iiinnntoo-menopause.

At a time when modern culture demonizes the wisdom of the feminine, disembodying her right to her own autonomy…small acts of personal ritual reconnecting us to the depth feminine are so profoundly needed.

“Unfortunately, Western society has no place, no space, literally or psychologically, for the healing wisdom of the reflective nature of introversion. Modern medicine has labeled the internal shifts of menstruation PMS, and with the logic and reasoning of a male-oriented medical profession this complex and deeply sensate experience of fertility has been pathologized as an emotional disorder, and subjugated to a variety of cures.

Centuries ago this self-same premenstraul cycle signaled every woman, not just those who could not cope, that it was time to prepare for conception as her blood richly lined her womb in anticipation of a new life. If there was to be no pregnancy, so be it. Women gathered together not as ailing or inadequate, not because they were “bundles of nerves,” but as keepers of the mystery, as celebrants of an embodied potency too powerful to be indiscriminately thrown about.” Paula M. Reeves, PhD.

Whoever you are, wherever you are in your own soul and life journey, whatever stage or phase, may you heed the wisdom of the depth feminine. May you not fear your own descent within, where the dark restores and heals, and holds too the parts of you aching for reconnection, rebirth, and perhaps release. May you naturally find the stir of within of deep reconnection on this tide this weekend.

This is our last new moon cycle of Spring, friends, celebrating air and wind, birth and dawn, beginnings and fertility…

To your self, to your Own Body, may you be true. To the ancient rhythm of Her Body may you return and re-source.

Don’t Let Them Tame You

image: John Atkinson Grimshaw, Spirit of the Night

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