Full Moon at Solstice


tue night

Ain’t she beauuutiful??

This is Tuesday night, right at the start of magic hour behind the The Delmarva Free School

She’s moving fast towards full, peaking overnight Sunday into Monday.

One week from tomorrow is the Summer Solstice~the longest amount of sunlight in the year. That means this full moon cycle is reflecting the most amount of sun for the year, too

I’ve been wow’d, as always, by the wonder of light this last week. The stunning clarity, as the natural cycles of Nature works its practical, fascinating mystery~sun moving closer and closer to the top of its orbit, or highest point in the sky…moon glistening back like she just knows she’s the twinkle in the sun’s nighttime eye~

This weekend is peak quickening, as the green growing world in the northern hemisphere reaches max capacity of all that yummy photosynthetic sweet.

With the Solstice next Friday, it’s an energy we will feel in full through next weekend.

YOU too are part of these rhythms, no matter who you are, no matter where~

What does Mama Nature grow? What does all that light magnetize? What is it Mama Moon is helping you to See?

Enjoy, friends… Get outside, e n e r g i i i z e~

…Soak the sweetness in

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