Holograms (Also I’m obsessed with this grl)

are probably my favorite symbol for what my favorite kooky depth psychologist Michael Elliot might call post-modern post-Hillman moment to moment practice of…frontiering the new… Lorde, therefor, has everything to do with this bc, haha, on my spontaneous Friday morning dance party I got to work it out to this…

The Depth Psychology & Women’s Mysteries of Halloween

It was All Saint’s Day and Day of the Dead yesterday, All Soul’s Day today, New Moon tonight or Lunar Samhain.  I put a quote on WWW’s FB page out of a book called “The Herbal Lore of Wise Women and Wortcunners”.  The etymology of the word wortcunner basically means root-knower.  The quote was about…

One-eyed Blind.

Ever thought about those truths that you know, but don’t actually really acknowledge to yourself?  I mean they range, right?  Like maybe eating m&ms every afternoon on your break is the reason your energy dips an hour later and your body knows as much but you never really stopped to consider the truth of it….

Psyche is

Not just real Rather A whole other Way To see