I went camping to soothe my soul: Thoughts, Final Harvest Moon

I walk a lot on empty beaches.  It helps me breathe from muscly places in my belly that otherwise I can’t feel because they’re so deep. So last Monday I guess it was,  walking along the roiled and wilen coast, beholding the brown and black and steel greys of Hurricane Maria’s deeps, there came this…

Full Moon and Healing The Story of Culture

This full moon presents us with a reality highlight.  A shining on who we are in our most present, day to day, practical ways. Who we are is how we Be. Discernment can be tough when it comes to understanding what I mean.  Societal arousal is high.  The open, gaping wound of fear-driven, hate-talk projections…

Conscious Apocalypse

This man’s visionary thinking is about re-imagining our world. Take the time to soak in this.  

Hope is an act of resistance

What do you with that compost, he says. Give it back to the earth, I tell him.  Balance out the carbon index here. Sustainable ecosystems, like holding the balance that has brought us this far as a planet, means carbon count in the air needs to be at no more than 350 parts per million….