Mad-eyed September Tribe

Something about September– There’s something about September, that’s what’s in my head, in my body, what my experience is saying to me.   But wait Kel, it’s not September, it’s October, the second week in fact, so really that waft of sensual that grabs me from behind and muscles the back of my legs, that…


At their union I am moved By the course of truth. What has brought me To be madrinha A Turkish man Lovely woman from Spain Her Lebanese born French Husband. Two Romanians In love. The solidarity Of this path. Union: The heart of this matter, To be one.

At the library

Amazing to me How much joy Out on a simple walk And, for free~

Without suffering

Without the suffering, which seems the requisite for psychological and spiritual maturation, one would remain unconscious, infantile and dependent.  Yet many of our addictions, ideological attachments and neuroses are flights from suffering.  James Hollis I ask my self fragment the Unconscious aspects in which        I ~between~ remain: is he toxic or stimulating? Both. It…