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All Hallows to Lunar Samhain. 2018.

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image, Mama Bones

by Tom Kuebler, at the IX International Celebration of Imaginitve Realism in Reading, PA

Random things I’m thinking on the start of Lunar Samhain (starts today is one way to see it because the moon becomes last quarter today): The academic field of dom culture professionals–I acknowledge I am parttalks about the swamplands as a collective place of painful, shamed feelings we like to, as humans, repress.

Thinking about the Baltimore basements and Clubs we used to party in.  Early 90’s.  Thinking about the low end of Maryland, Pocomoke, dark waters, cypress creeks and loblolly swamps.  Thinking about how we don’t, we will never, own the Land.

We are benefactors, for but a slice of a millisecond.  Make zero qualms about it, she will shake us off, come too much harm.

Thinking about the child that died.  As the arguments begin over suicide or lynching.  Thinking about the mass cultural trauma that exists indicative of our daily discourse.  A GOD DAMN argument over suicide or lynching?  Both epidemic of toxic proportions.  Lynching  a three hundred year old tradition that lives un-rectified in our blood.  In our bones.  In the LAND.

A child died: A mother’s son.   Our desensitization to cultural violence is preposterous. It is the un-rectified wound of the masculine house.

Our desensitization to not  acknowledging all individual’s rights to safety (I am speaking inherent civil or human, of the people for the people rights, as well as disavowing them the right to be heard and validated in their experiences, as well as one’s physical body not being guaranteed the right to safety because of opinions about their race, gender, heritage, sexuality, disability etc) is grotesque.

Cards come due.  Everything in my moon tending tells me Judgment is here.  I’d take heed y’all.  The wheels of Fate spin deliberately onward and we each co-weave as we choose.

Learn your family of origin and the stories that make you.  Go far back as you can in your ancestors and their stories.

Respect all stories.  Do not tolerate unaccountable hate.  This is a finely shifting line.

Remember, there is a relationship between grief and rage.

Choose mentors and elders, and know their stories, too.  Be accountable to this work.

Help people voice their stories.

Keep going.

Love truly is all there is.

Begin with yourself.  Begin every day, repeat several times a day, and follow this with behaviors of kindness and small regular routines of water, food, sleep, fresh air and other natural elements, humor, art, music, relations, and information. Be mindful of the information you consume and undertake to enjoy the work you do. Be gentle with yourself when you forget all of this.  Sleep and don’t get out of bed if you can’t.  Limit this to every so often.  Cry when you need to, for as long as you can, but watch self-pity and blame because they will steal a day’s worth of energy a day at at time no matter what.  Make still time to be quiet, or quiet time to be still, whichever you need.   Make good use of forgiveness, open-mindedness, and willingness to understand.  Also this won’t make sense to some but it’s helpful to be able to track time bc then you can track your intentions.

Cultivate the Sacred in whatever way is most meaningful and real to you.  In this you are cultivating yourself.  All is hallowed.

Keep going.

Swamplands can turn to like, oil, if you wanna hang metaphorically with me a minute. Like the kinda inner juice that optimizes your machine. Tap deep in to the deepest parts of you that you resist.  Do the work to transform.  Put your head down and do the work.  Find the people who support you in this.  Help them with their work, too.

This weekend is maybe the most vital dark moon period of the year to do this work.  Lunar Samhain activates a week from today.  Today begins all-is-sacred-week.

Keep your love light on~

Remember, the work is L O V E.

Remember, stories live in the land.

Remember, our stories are all we have~


In Memory of Margot Adler (1946-2014) Priestess, Journalist, Skeptic, Mystic by Elizabeth Cunningham

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A fitting memorial on the Dawn of Lunar Samhain. Drawing Down the Moon is such an important book… I encourage my readers to check it out if not familiar. Travel well sister.

Elizabeth Cunningham headshot jpeg“Ritual has the power to end our alienation from the earth and from each other. It allows us to enter a world where we are at home with the trees and the stars and other beings, and even with the carefully hidden and protected parts of ourselves that we sometime contact in dreams or in art.” –Margot Adler

Margot Adler died of cancer on July 28, 2014. A Pagan priestess, she asked for memorial events to be held in the season of Samhain, also known as Halloween.  At this time of year, the rituals of many religious traditions remind us that we are all connected, the living, the dead, and those to come, one continuous communion.  In this spirit, I offer a tribute to the late Margot Adler.

Though I must have heard her distinctive voice on National Public Radio where she served as an innovative and eclectic journalist…

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Wild Wisdom IS Social Justice

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Wild Wisdom is about trusting inner, authentic soul, and instinct.

TO GET THERE, one must take on the Real Work of deprogramming our persona wounds. One major form of this are the societal rules and roles to which we unconsciously subscribe. In doing so, our power of choice is limited. When we do our own personal Real Work, our choice frees, our soul blooms, and our Voices raise.

Social Justice is unseperate from Wild Wisdom. The Real Work is to call into question these roles and rules placed on us. How do we act them out in our day to day lives, how do we stay blind to them or choose to not check that part of ourselves? The Real Work is the work alive in our own life.

To this end, Black Girl Dangerous is one of the most powerful things happening today. Mia McKenzie’s Vision, and the Voices she is helping raise of transgendered, queer, lesbian, bisexual and gay people of color is so brave, so authentic, so WILD.

If you are a white woman reading this, understand that your Voice being respected is a privilege you get just bc of your genes. Defending your opinions, experiences, and voice specifically as a woman is something you may or may have not had to do. Being invalidated for your own human experience hurts. Understand this. Listen when someone says that it’s happening to them. Question the rules and roles that make this acceptable.

Read more, pledge support.

Don’t Let Them Tame You~

How will you…

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…be the change?

“Self-respect and honor cannot be protected by others.  They are for each individual himself or herself to guard.”

“It is the law of love that rules mankind.  Had violence, i.e., hate ruled us, we should have become extinct long ago.  And yet the tragedy of it is that the so-called civilized men and nations conduct themselves as if the basis of society was violence.”

Mahatmas Gandhi

Go here, watch this. Get involved.  Support social justice and the rights of all people to safety and protection in their communities.  This is OUR PROBLEM, this is OUR COMMUNITY.  Our actions effect the whole, never forget that.

Pay attention.

Ferguson and Patience for the Appalled.

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I will not silence my activism around these inequalities and abuses of civil rights. I recognize my privilege and take responsibility for raising my voice as result: WITH WISDOM, with rights, COME RESPONSIBILITIES.

Stacia L. Brown

Photo: Twitter, from a #NMOS14 protest in Washington, DC Photo: Twitter, from a #NMOS14 protest in Washington, DC

Be patient with those of us who are appalled. We thought we had been striding toward some progress, thought our education and integrity, our intellect and analysis were meaningful. We studied history, believed we understood all the ways in which enslavement could impact advancement. We were repairing our middling credit, paying back student loans, electing more people of color into political office. And yes, black blood still flowed in the streets and yes, each week new images of bullets bloodying children and grandmothers gunned down flickered across the six o’clock news. But we had been told to hope, had been assured that it took audacity, but it could be done. Optimism could be sustained. And weren’t we seeing justice sometimes? Weren’t more black students graduating college? Weren’t more of our men hitching up their pants and wearing ties? Weren’t we finally —

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How will you…

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…be the change?


Campaigns for #MikeBrown #Ferguson

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Dear Friends,
Mainstream Media is failing us in coverage of the powerful and beautiful ground level movement of the people happening in Ferguson, MO right now as a result of the unarmed killing of an American citizen by a police officer. GET INVOLVED.

Spaceship Dreaming

Here is a list of donations, protests, and petitions that you can do to help the people in #Ferguson and to assist #MikeBrown and #EzellFord all others who have been killed by the hands of the police. I will try to update as much as possible.
Donations for Mike Brown’s Family:
Michael Brown Memorial Fund:
These funds will assist his family with costs that they will acquire as they seek justice on Michael’s behalf. All funds will be given to the Michael Brown family.
College 4 MikeBrown’s Siblings:
This effort will help support Mike Brown’s siblings, 2 younger sisters and a younger brother go to college. It is run by Sara Goldrick-Rab, UW professor of the Wisconsin HOPE Lab ( and Michael Johnson of the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County (Madison, WI) can vouch that all funds will go directly to the family.
Other Donations

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Systemic Violence and the Killing of Michael Brown by Xochitl Alvizo

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Anger is part of the work of love. Beverly Harrison tells us that “Anger is – and it always is – a sign of some resistance in ourselves to the moral quality of the social relations in which we are immersed.” It tells us that things are not well. And, indeed, things are not well. There is a lot to be angry about. May we use our anger and direct its energy toward the work of justice and love and the social change that they call forth…..

So grateful today for this 🙏💓

Alvizo profile 12-13 - CopyOppression is systemic. Injustice is systemic. It pervades the whole – it seeps into everyday actions and becomes habits and patterns that function as default. As a result, the actions that fall within these patterns hardly need justifying. If anything, the questioning of them is what is put on the defensive. And those who stand against injustice must usually do so in the face of militarized policing, before vast forces that serve to preserve the status quo.

I can’t help but see the similarities between the everyday existence of young black men, of boys in this country, and that of women. The lack of safety in public places; the need to always be aware of one’s surroundings; the lack of trust in the intentions of another; living with the knowledge that people like you experience violence at much higher rates than others. It is a racist, violent, patriarchal world we…

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A Namaste from Seattle Street Artist Kristina Cyr: What’s My Healing?

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Visit Kristina, and her Iconic Women Portraiture Series, here.  Thanks Kristina for the guest-post! 

Iconic Voices: What’s my healing?

Wow, this is such a great question and comes at perfect timing when I am pregnant for the very first time! I am in need of healing. Before I was pregnant, I already arrived at the knowing that peace does begin in the womb. To start off this segment, I’d like to share something absolutely empowering that I came across the other day.

“A woman shaman, like a spinning spider, must learn to lead from the womb. To move your attention from your head to your belly, from the mind and the body, a woman must learn how to read the signals and to trust them.

Otherwise she’ll never be sure about the difference between her intuition and those fearful little voices in her head that tell her to be cautious, stop, don’t and so on.” ~Vicki Noble

What I am learning in the very early stages of pregnancy, more than anything is I need to heal. I need to heal so that the space that my baby and I are co-creating in the womb is purified as possible, so I don’t pass on any of my dis-ease or emotional wounds to my child. So my child maybe born free. But maybe I shouldn’t have such an ego to think that the perfect light inside me would be so susceptible to my shit.

What is my healing? My healing is my prayers. My healing is walks with my dog, hugging a tree, talking to the plants, touching the ground, praying on the water. My healing is my spirituality, meditation, and yoga. My healing comes from Solfeggio Harmonics, brain wave therapy and isochronic tones. My healing is my creativity and artistic expression. My healing is in the form of energy work, Reiki, laying on of hands healing, hugs and affection. My healing is having consistent, healthy relationships with myself and the people around me. My healing comes from a firm foundation of love, trust and respect with my husband. My healing comes from finding my tribe of supportive, encouraging women or them finding me, time and time again. My healing is nature and horses. My healing is mystical, ethereal, and mysterious. My healing is getting tattoo’d. My healing is letting go of people’s expectations. My healing is not taking on energy that is not mine and not taking things personally. My healing is acupuncture and Ayurveda. My healing is in coconut and essential oils. My healing is traveling. My healing is the sweat lodge. My healing is connecting with the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and their way of life in prayer. My healing happens when women encourage women. My healing is cycling work with Kelly. My healing is in my dreams and claiming my birthright. My healing is in psychedelic visions. My healing is the apothecary, herbs, flower essences, crystals, singing bowls, tarot cards, incense, frankincense and myrrh. My healing is uncovering our ancient women’s modalities of healing and being in the world. My healing is BEcoming a mother. My healing is encouraging myself even when I don’t want to. My healing happens every time I turn inward with gentleness and love. My healing is in your healing and your healing is in my healing.

As Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein says, ““We are our ancestors. When we can heal ourselves, we also heal our ancestors, our grandmothers, our grandfathers and our children.When we heal ourselves, we heal Mother Earth.” For me that really says it all about healing.

From my Sacred Foundation to Yours, may you find some healing this day and share it with someone. Namaste.

D WATKINS: Stoop Stories. Black Baltimore.

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This.  These words here, THIS VOICE.

I remember trying to explain, during the elections in 2004, why I didn’t consider myself represented on either side.  I couldn’t articulate what seemed so blatantly clear to me that I actually grew numb, would find myself jaw-gaping–couldn’t clearly get the words to say:  HOW DO YOU CALL YOURSELF A PATRIOT WHEN IN THE SAME ARGUMENT YOU DENY WHOLE SEGMENTS OF AMERICA’S POPULATION?  IMPLICIT IN CALLING YOURSELF A PATRIOT IS NAMING YOURSELF A MEMBER, INDEED A SUPPORTER, OF THAT COUNTRY WHICH YOU SO ESTEEM:


…or, in this case, community.  When I claim my love of Baltimore it is ALL of Baltimore…not just the slice of Church Street where Gram raised her 7 kids in a two bedroom and an attic house…not just the lovely row homes with rooftop patios where my white cousins or friends in the suburbs moved to when we grew up.  THIS IS MY CITY>MY STATE>THAT TAUGHT ME THE TRUTH OF MY COUNTRY>THE GRIT OF THIS EARTH>HOW TO LOOK OPEN-EYED>AND SING OUT WHILE I’M HERE, THERE, SPREAD THESE HARD-AT-HEART TRUTHS & SONGS…Bless this man.