Why I Stopped Identifying With White Feminism

Your thoughtfulness, honesty about your hesitancy to speak your mind, and the fact that you own who you are and will mess up–all of it humbled me. I find the these days even the word itself no longer sits with me–as a third wave “feminist” arising out of riot grrrl, bc of the one dimensionality, the blood baths, the us against them. Intersectionality is real reality: it numbs my mind the gratuitous blindness of so many of my peers, the false realities they create and subscribe to… I need instead, and as much as possible, to find and be inspired by conversations like this. Thank you for sticking your neck out.


(Inspired by @SamAmbreen’s post here: We will not let white feminism divide and conquer us)

Today I’ve been talking with @HadleyFreeman about a series of posts she made to @JudeinLondon earlier in the day. Short story: Freeman wrote a problematic article, Jude discussed it on Twitter without linking to Freeman, someone emailed Freeman about Jude’s response and Freeman demanded, repeatedly, that Jude take the discussion offline. In my opinion, she abused her platform and privilege. She called Jude’s preemptive blocking of her account “childish” when it was an act of self care. Eventually, she used the same tone policing on me and I believe she has blocked my account, although I fully admit to blocking her and not checking back. Maybe later. It was yet another example of why I don’t belong in White feminism and why many other white feminists feel the same way. Today, @SamAmbreen asked for…

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