Life is good.

So this happened




and maybe best of all–electric bikes, the still quiet of the island zipping through the mist grey as air and so clearly breathing, all that silence.  I stood on the roof of the lodge where we stayed and looked in to the green ferny hills wanting to be there, up in the fog the dark green breath, wanting to hike or camp for days someplace far away and unseen.  Catalina makes me think Italy or coastal Greece dreams.  We discovered a grotto with Mary, it was the first full day of my 38th year, I prayed the kind of prayer without words just swells of breath and feeling coming out of my chest.  My mom and I ate well.  We laughed well.  And certainly, tears.  I met cuties on the ferry ride home, insistent as I was to ride on deck amid the ocean-spit cold.  A fun kind of sweet guy kind that hangs out the window passing me and mom on the car ride from Long Beach to Huntington to meet the girls.  Life is good, another year has passed, I am knee deep in homework due by Thursday which marks the end of Winter session.  Work wears me out and breaks me down which also makes me strong, and so is humbling and beautiful.  I have one year left of school.  It was so rad to see my mom.  I want to float away island style on the aqua water of Catalina and camp for days and surf on the side opposite Avalon and only ride an electric bike, and not have to think too much, and pretend for a while not to be connected to my life.  Oh wait I did, I’m 37, spring’s here, it’s rainy in the canyon, my assessment quiz took three hours, mom flew home.  New Slang by the Shins is still a fucking great song.

Life is good.

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