Call for Submissions: Riot Wise


Call for Submissions! Introducing Riot Wise…a Zine-to-be with the kind of gems from riotgrrrl’s all grown up…Who have well-fought Wild (not socially programmed) Wisdom!


Riot Wise wants work from Ladies & Gents—I’m looking for YOUR personal stories!!!  of YOU! About the complexities of finding, or honoring your self, taking you seriously, that struggle, confusion, frustration, anxiety, irony–whatever that means…as well as how that intersects or relates to larger social issues, and the social roles related, to things like sexism, racism, classism, genderism, etc.

Also very interested in thoughtful, academic, philosophical/reflective (verses personal/experiential) pieces on these post-apocalypse or post-patriarchy themes–as in deconstructing but also re-visioning, or creating, a new culture and value system from the ruins of fucked up ill-relating. How the social constructs listed above limit, or maybe potentially transform us?

Depth, spiritual, street, soulful, inter-lobal, intersectional, liberation/ecopscyh perspectives encouraged.

Drawings, rants, lists, spontaneous downloads, poems, collages encouraged.

Limit three submissions/per issue.  Essays/stories max 1600 words.

Email me to confirm interest. Deadline for V1 I1, July 29.

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