Consecration Moon

spiders thread

Tuesday evening is our next full moon.

Full moon’s manifest or bring to light what was felt but unseen when the moon was last dark.

This full moon she is of Imbolc tide, making her special light most beneficent for consecration.

Consecration means to make holy. You can do this with special objects, especially those that hold a charge or change vibration with blessings, like water, crystals, herbs~

You can do this also, and especially, with yourself:

This full moon is perfect for creating your own, personal consecration ritual for you. Blessing as sacred your heart, your body, your mind, your emotions, your spirit, your soul.

Consecrating your Collective. Your Connection, endless, ancient, to the lineage of Divine Feminine.

What form does this take, how does she yearn inside or feel most alive for you? Ancient Mother Holy Mother Sacred Mother~ Mama earth, mothering yourself? Giving thanks for who mothered you, for who you mother? For sisters~soul sisters~sacred connectors? For mama Luna, mama ocean, sacred mother sacred child.

Maybe these ideas are tender with burdens, painful stories, aching wounds.

How can you consecrate this, as holy, too?

Consecration rituals can happen any time, but as a moon daughter I like to tend these rites when the moon moves from first quarter to full, after lunar Imbolc.

Make space for insights Monday thru Wednesday this week. This full moon has a cross-quarters relationship with Lunar Lammas or First Harvest, so think back to August/vision forward to August on the continuum of what was-is-will be.

Blessings to all, blessed be

To your own Soul may you be true~

image, Mending the Spider’s Silken Thread, Asako Eguchi

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