Small song of incantation, Dreaming Moon


These are mighty mighty times, dear friends.

If you have your feet on the street you knew this day would come. Shout Black Feminists 12-13 Twitter underground. Dear birds singing song of change. Riot grl coming through me to write me a thesis to get me here, to follow through with my head and boots down, til now.

Now, and now’s now, and being now, and the there is yet still here… to change~What a Way I am excited to walk this year. That was a message for Spider Weavers who read Poetry for the magic within. Oh yea Lorrrrdamercy, COVID too. Joblessness and cashlessness, that’s the worst one. To be without cash. Haha those fuckn memes against against 2Gs Proud FUCKN SOCIALIST Spiritual dirt worshipping Humanist fuck yea I will always throw up my hand. hahahah Cancel Culture hahahaha. Feeling so magical got feet like a cat. Fist up duh. My boots were purple. If you ever walked along poor you know that cash is King. That’s what queer always meant to me anyhow.

Imagination Queen tho, darlings, that is Truth.

Alright. Anyway as to it…2021 so far, on with it. Image of my yaga hand waving gold dust at strangers I’d normally curse. On with it. The moon comes on a fat yawn on the emerging spring smile of earth.

She comes new Tuesday, this is Big, this a moon of explosive rebirth. My friend Tracey gave me this cool Moonology Diary. Yasmin Boland. I checked out the writer’s page it is lovely, intuitive and informed astrological and moon cycle or pattern work. Go here and give her a glimpse. I will use it some as a companion piece on my own personal Wheel this year.

Anyway it is last station, or last phase of the moon this weekend. Dark moon.

Dark Moon, Lunar Samhain wreath

Tuesday’s New Moon is a moon I call Dreaming Moon, when the Winter, Station North, and her cradled seeds are Dreaming Dreams of herSelf. It is also a Wishing Moon. Here is a bit from Moonology about next week’s New Moon, Moon 3 on the Harvest Path, recalling as you read we are in her shadow right now~dark moon.

“Take a moment to think about this. If your life were to be transformed by the end of 2021, what would it look like? What would you have released from your life, and what would you have kept? Where in your life do you want to reinvent yourself? Where do you want to be professionally by the end of 2021? This New Moon can help you with that.”

Boland, p 34-5

Dark moon is a time to compost, turn under, prepare to let go. It is also such a strong time of year to intend, too, looking ahead.

We have traditional Imbolc on Feb 2, and lunar Imbolc on the New Moon following, on Feb 12. Those are fun traditionals, we are sorta Fam Trat with it and so around here it is honor of Brigid, all of that is to come, stay tuned. Be well, good to you~

hope they didn’t tame you 😉

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mandee nelson says:

    Never going to tame me starting 2021 with renewed zest

  2. Tracey T Siegel says:

    Love it, Kell! Listened to Yasmin’s meditation today and threw it out there: strengthened connection to spirit for 2021. Gonna be TIGHT this year.

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