Moony Magic Was Afoot

It was 80 and blowing Friday so hard at times I swear you could see the spring time yellow light gusting by on the air. I left the cabin in the morning with just enough time to take two main backroads to the other side of 50 where our meeting was. We all arrived at the same time a full five minutes early, the whole event was surreal, moony magic was afoot the way magic moves you so you recognize you are of it not the other way around~all that and the winds really hadn’t picked up yet by then. We left fixated on what felt like the million things we had to do, but it wasn’t truth just beholding the unknown and having to have patience and wait, still we hurried across the Peninsula again to the north beach we love and spent the afternoon in full round luxury just happy to be outside in the spring, by the sea. That giddy movement pushing our pace.

When we got home I was so stunned by the shocking contrast finally of springtime golden hour dark green shadows against Equinox light I fell still, and the moon was there out already in the daytime, and Ancient Sacred Mother of Divine Love did I surrender in full right then and there. Surrender my daily bread, or so it seems, these days.

mama moon @ start of magic hour, friday, woco md

Saturday was gushing with the madness of us, the giddy glory restless wander wonder lust, everything fell into step and we were teary and misty eyed so much, counting our blessings past what either of us could’ve ever wished. I forgot it was Full-Moon time because like I already said, we were of Her just being pushed along by the swing. It was like mid-summer on the boardwalk, our first family outing of the season, talking crowds not weather here in that by the time we got there it was a damp wind and the sky was turning a bit grey. We were still dancy and full of glee, meandering to a much more casual pace happy it was set by the music and smells of grease and salt we followed throughout the day. Not even cranky we had to wear masks outdoors the whole time. By that evening we were all drowsy, satiated, ready for sleep.

Yesterday too I forgot it was Moon Time, until late in the day still in my sweats and messy hair I said my thanks to Her, thanks were all I gave by the pond at the cabin midweek specially that last night under her light so silver white and blue. Then how she quickened by Friday like I’ve said, our lives caught in the threshold space and changed by Her, by Love, by Life, all of which are the words I choose. And choice matters, and so do words, the ones you decide to or not to use.

So that this morning when I left there she was so big over the delmarvalous backroads, so unjust how IPhone does her trying to snap that moment when so daytime huge she is setting and takes your breath in a rush of awe. I tried for pics anyway, and in wonder let her white peace and the 6:45 am just over the trees orange burst of morning sun burn away all the maya otherwise present in the magic mists of me. The forsythia, the daffodils, the vibrating purple shadows of dead nettle over the waking fields, the star white faces of lil ms. chicweed…

These are important movements, moments to behold. My prayers to us all, may you pay enough attention not to miss them, or at least to grab hold of one~

backroads, woco md this morn

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