New moon today

Today’s new moon has me in a mind of the importance of the concept, “Both, And~”

It is a depth development premise, the ability to discern nuances and subtleties within ourselves. As in starting within, how we relate to our Self, literally how we speak and think to ourselves. This translates to the experience of our personal relationships to one another, how we relate to folks, as well as to concepts, ideas, experiences.

Do we think in black and white? Are we able to hold nuances and subtleties of differences, complexities in humanity? In ourselves?

Can we accommodate our own needs for non-negotiable boundaries, while allowing others the same? Can this look different for others than it does for us? Can we negotiate the spaces within ourselves that deserve our compassion, our own understanding or acceptance of self? Can we see the nuances of complexities within ourselves? Can we have heart-eyes for our self, in all its varying and maybe contradictory ways?

Can I do this for others?

Is it of interest to me to learn to show up to the world this way?

That has always been my motivation. Healing and recovery for me are grounded in a motivation that I gradually learned was real. I cannot save the world, I can save myself and see the world around me change. I believe in this practical potentiality.

Showing up to the world with heart eyes open.

So it interests me to hold Both, And~ The ability to hold space and stay present with the Alls of Me, while at once challenging myself to show up in that same way to you.

Today I heard a Free School member say “Practice as Fuck”. That’s real, shadow work and integration require the knee-high shit grit of being about certain things. That has to start within, with how we relate to ourselves. It seems to happen organically that this changes how we show up to one another. To the world/s around us, as well.

How to show up to me relies firstly on the foundation of being able, then being willing, to show up to me at all. This, this sense of being present with me, with my Whole Self as much as I can get to her Right Now: Mind body or how and what I am thinking; Heart body or how and what I am feeling…these two basics were areas that took me a long time to get good at. It’s an area that need’s work for many, many people.

Can I show up to me?

If I can, the next question, what level am I willing to account for HOW I show up~

And how does this impact how I show up to others? To the world around me?

That’s what I’m feeling this new moon: the therapist in me, who observes, that part who learned to discern nuances and has learned to dig on bigger cyclical samenesses, systems of group think that get activated at once.

Can we meet ourselves within, where we’re at right now, and hold all the complexities and complications of what’s happening inside us? AND outside us?

More than one thing (Both, And~), at once?


This is a Spring Season that gifts us with a full lunation cycle before even summer starts~

first growth offerings from last lunation/blend, dark to new moon yesterday

While for all it seems that time is accelerated and moving extra fast right now, this is a cycle to slow down, root down, practice the concept G R O W~

How was your May Day moon cycle? What can you take from it? Before last full moon til now?

This new lunation that begins today is Time to Practice. Seeds and growth are tending now, tend them or get tended! Start with being Still.


To have a “practice” cycle as we might say speaks well for the Harvest, friends. “Practice” has some basics.: Stick to a few small commitments, don’t over do it.

Safety basics as I surmise and teach them are good practice points: Am I Fed, Watered, Rested, Connected, Disconnected? Connected and disconnected expanded: To take good care of my basic safety needs, do I need to feel connected and what are some basic go to’s that help with this; do I need to disconnect by laying a boundary with any people, places, or things?

Observation, neutral observation and eventual gathering information is always good practice. Permaculture principle 1 in fact. That is good “practice” as we learn to work with new seeds, with how to G R O W.

Get Still.

Practice AF! As one might say.

Happy New Moon, dear ones xo~