New Moon Manifesting for Second Harvest

New Moon this past Sunday evening:  blessed Visioning to you all dear friends~

And with that, the practical Way of this.  Learning to trust your Wisdom within by allowing pause to review What Is.  

Meaning, the past weekend marked the end of the final lunation of Summer.  The growth of the Season was held still this weekend, a time to tend by being with, a time to compost.  Remember that compost, the stuff of old growth gone to rot, is full of nutrition for tomorrow’s seeds.

So as you descended into the darkness of Mama Earth’s shadow period, what was your weekend like?  Think back a week ago today—Wednesday of last week and onward, what occurred?  How was your emotional state?  What were you longing or wistful for?  What were you grateful for?

If you could’ve given over to any needs or instincts or wants, what would it have been? What actually happened?  How were your relations? How are they?  To your loved ones, to your own need meeting, to your community and communities, locally and larger?

Often we call the moon New when she is in her crescent phase, or just returning to the sky. It is a good time, right now as she enters that wispy, etheric return, to take time and make a physical practice for intention-setting through your own sacred ritual.

Good questions to set intentions by for the Crescent Moon today and this week: If you were to put Trust, Faith, in your instinct, your sensibility, your intuition over the weekend, what would that look like in real form?  Maybe you awoke one day this week with clarity or fresh instinct.  To trust in it, what would that mean?

Ritual, sacred ritual or tending, means to still yourself.  To go within.  To reconnect to the emotional or heart-body.  Ritual, whether meditative, in journey, through devotion—outdoors or in private, in group or circle or prayer or spontaneous creative journaling or breath–in whatever way you practice it drops you into the non-linear or subconscious parts of the brain.

Setting intention during sacred ritual works because we access the subconscious mind, increasing alpha brain waves.  When we return to the mundane day to day, linear decision making becomes more clear.  This is the root of magic, dear ones.  This is the how of manifestation: the heart of the sovereign soul.

New Moon started around complete nightfall here in the North hemi on the mid-Atlantic coast Sunday eve, about 9pm for us.  In our county, it was the eve before first night of school, a true alignment of the secular “end of season” with the esoteric lunar end.  The lunation that began this week brings about Mabon, known too as the Autumnal Equinox or Second Harvest.  

Autumn is upon us, and so is Second Sea-sun or Local Season where I live, woohooo!!!  There is much to celebrate.  And perhaps, much to let go.  

Remember, we let go to make room to Begin, Again.

Remember, Faith and Intention are good tools when we plant.

Remember.  The season comes now when it is time~to Re-Member.

Remember.  As school starts and Summer leisure times end, as we revisit Community and our individual part: To effect the whole begin small, within~

Remember.  New Moon teaches us there’s always, always a chance to Begin, Again.

Blessings your Way this Good Moon, dear friends~ 


image Katherine Cameron, 1874-1965