Yuletide greetings this Full Moon


The full moon blesses us with her sweetness this Saturday just before midnight here on the midatlantic coast in the States.

Two days later is Yule, the winter solstice with the longest night of the year. Somehow we’re here already, midway through the season of the dark that begins at Mabon. After Tuesday, the nights shorten minute by minute towards spring 🙂

I am in the deep doing the deep work. So the simpler the better right here.

Winter Solstice is a time for the turning over, the turning under. It is time for the old form to decay away. For life to journey deep underground. It is a time for ritual grieving and letting go.Retreat all the way inward, to the inner sanctum, the inward darkness.

To the underbody, a word that came to me in sacred union during soul work last week. The underbody, She Who Sleeps. Allowing the underbody to be a thing, to be a protected, precious space within.

The message at this time, to be certain… Go inward as She does now. Kindle your Hearth light within by trusting: R E S T is a thing. The world suffers. The dark endures. The dark can be a healer too, if you allow it so. Know: Mama Earth’s Got Your Back. Mama Nature’s Got You!

The light always returns. And at Solstice, you can begin again in this Knowing. Be blessed, dear ones, be good to You!


Yuletide blessings and heart-y hearth LOVE