Today is Appreciation Day

Which is the 15th of every month, and created and celebrated by me as a means of practicing deep, unconditional self-love for 24 hours, no matter what.  It means I have to be really aware of self-talk and behavior.  It means I get to relish in love and good feelings.  It means I get a…

I appreciated.

I drove home in the dark, the gauzy moon with its still bald yearning through all that haze.  These women.  I appreciated.  Nor is from Thailand.  She is studying psychology at OCC.  Dani from Brasil, going through a sadness that has no name.  Laura, from Romania, waiting on her green card.  I stood at the…

Let’s talk love.

Check out my latest post at Dandelion Mom’s, talking bout LOVE xoox Happy Valentine’s!

Emotional Embodiment

Here is my latest post on Dandelion Moms, on embodying the feminine in psychotherapy…


Here is the link to my latest post over at Dandelion Moms, where I am a regular contributor in their Reflections section. Dandelion Moms


I take a day off An afternoon all to myself The book I’ve been saving For a day like this Makes me sigh. I think, this is grace Then my body’s gentle Response, No, this is Health.