Meditations on Summer Solstice

There is something so primitive about summer.  It makes me want to curl in to the earth and let the land grow right through me.

Summer yearns in my body so fantastic, a pace of blood that is almost breathable it’s so alive.  Opposite that, I experience early summer in a way that feels base, too.  A flat sense, gaping around at this remarkable earth pushing life forth everywhere you look.  It can make one feel so…insignificant.  Incredibly small.

Tomorrow is the first day of Summer, the Solstice, time of the year that the bounty of daylight is longest.  Potential brims and quakes.

This is the peak of the momentum of the earth: the trees, the plants, the seeds, all having soaked in vital sunlight and energy.  From here forward that same light will spill out in overloads of new growth and harvest.  Bounties of summer veggies will cover the tables and here in southern California, these miraculous flowers will move top-heavy towards the sky.  Give some of this bounty back to the land as thanks, it will renew the carbon count and this is the only way to balance out the toxicity of carbon monoxide, or pollution from global warming, in the air.

It is a good time to meditate on this:  in my own life, is the balance kept?  Where do I need more or less and what of?

New projects, specific life themes, will feel at a peak this week.   Potential could seem to open at your very thought.  A full moon approaches, as well, marking the high tide of  this cycle, when growth and manifesting in the physical form will be brought to light.

We enter Cancer now, sign of the Archetype of Mother.  Also a good time to consider what this means to you.  How is your relationship to your self, your own inner nurturer?  What themes are in your life that draw you back to your mom?  How is your relationship with her?

And what of the Great Mother–our precious earth and her living resources.  Are you in balance with this aspect of reciprocity?  When was the last time you sought stillness on her green and black soil?  Try giving thanks, and then taking time to ask her what she needs.

Happy Summer.  At this midpoint in the cycle of the year may you to return to yourself by setting aside time for within.  May it improve your relations with all that then extends out.

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