Celtic New Year and Mercury Retrograde

And I know Psyche exists because somehow my heart is always pumping more, working harder, making more connections in that putty, pushy way of tender swell and preening after I have been to Oregon.  Telling me that my subconscious is much like the green-grey wilderness as it ever is the sun, how it pushes forward on the breath of detritus and moss of trees, of fungus and scrags of root tips and pine coned disintegrating mildew sheaths.

So I return home, the fourth home I have known.  Or, perhaps, more than that.  Baltimore, the county, the Eastern Shore, the Atlantic Sea, the Humboldt hills, the Oregon Coast, and the southern California beaches and canyon, too.  How all are me.  Bioregions, psychology of place, animism and the ethics of knowing things by name.

It is Mercury Retro days before the new moon.  This new moon on Sunday is the spiritual reset button for the harvest year, transition from what was to what will be, the funny hallway place of in-between.  It is a time of great prophecy and clarity, changes that need to be made, urges from the Psyche about what you need to create.  Work that still is left undone.  Also a sweet and tender time to consider with earnest gratitude the life and experiences you have brought to being this year, and through out your life.  This is too a time, as we near the dark, that our instincts turn naturally towards what we have lost.  Grieve with compassion for your self if that’s what your soul or Psyche show that you need.  This week is the peak of that funny transitional place of in-between, and because of the retrograde, which is a review of the entire year, we will actually feel the waviness of this change until after the retrograde ends.  That means you may feel foggy, reflective, full of mounting energy to change that can border even on apocalyptic, to apathetic, until after the first week of November has passed.

Remember, new moons are the end, and the beginning,  This is the end of the cycle of growth, and thus the beginning, too, of what will come in the whole upcoming year.  Honor this by going within.  In this way, you prepare.

This is an excellent time for silence, reflection, time within.  I have continued my candle time, burning them and seeking gentle quiet, daily since the last new moon.  I will continue until the retrograde is through.  Using those lights and that inward attention to witness my self as Nature makes her changes, and those changes pass on through.

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