Women’s Mysteries: Venus & Our Perceptions of Love


There is in fact no separation between human and divine love, because all real love is divine, and divinely powerful and transformatory.  Andrew Harvey


Something so exquisite about the lines of the body when there is breath and stillness to fill it, just as there is something so exquisite about returning to your space, no matter how tiny or without heat or with mouse problem, after being away as long as I was.  Suddenly the novelty of yoga on the morning  deck becomes a need; suddenly my hearth, my home as sacred, still, a center of peace, is priority; suddenly I return to me.

I cancelled all plans and have barely left my space, except to wander the streets of my town at dusk, to soak in the earth after she’s soaked in all the sun, to smell the linger of salt breath, to see it all given back purple as magic at the end of the day.  There is nostalgia in me, backlogs of melancholy so deep it turns, without consciousness, to shame.  I am monastic though, content to burn candles and pass minutes into hours in revelry, solitude, prayer.

So it is I’ve become deeply engaged with this Venus transit, retrograde.  She is still is what this means, forcing traction since the Solstice in December and lasting until January 31.  All thanks to my cousin Boo for this nod to pay attention.  It calls into deep question our relations, which we must remember firstly and always has to do with how we relate to ourselves.  Meaning:  what troubles us right now our are deepest beliefs and perceptions, when it comes to love, what we value, what we deeply want and need, it is called in to question, how well do our own ideas continue to work, or perhaps not work, for us?

Yesterday Venus hit her center-point of her journey, which helped me better understand some issues in my heart.

We near a full moon, as well, meaning the inner nature that Venus, who rules Love, dominates will be on display like under a magnifying glass right now.  I found this post,Venus in the Underworld – Preparing for a New Cycle of the Divine Feminine to be very helpful for deeper reflection.  If you are interested in your own esoteric–or personal inner study–of the themes around Capricorn mentioned, Cafe Astrology will generate a free chart for you that tells you.  It was jaw-dropping to me to see that the issues I have been privately grappling with this week are the exact ones that the Venus article mentioned about my Capricorn in my birth chart.

As always, I am a big one for not trying to figure out but to sit with~

Unless it’s play-off season, in which case football fandom helps me work it out…HOLLLAAAA!  I’m off to HB for game day, Go Panthers!

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  1. Mandee says:

    Great column go SF

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