My second half. Suddenly I am different.

My second half started yesterday–the reflective part of my cycle, post-ovulation.

It is amazing–suddenly I am different woman, unknown to myself or at least in context of the “committed to her work and firey with creative projects rebel grl” of the past several weeks.

Today me, she just wants depth.  She has neeeeds.  Clings to, craves for, saturation.  Candles burn, incense, time to breathe deep, still, pray.  The wholeness of her, my body, this body, to stretch, to feel deeply, my flesh and blood like a sponge. How suddenly it all extends out of me, as one…And in towards me, the relationality of ALL.

Tuesday’s are usually my creative day because long ago I understood, and have since fought hard to maintain the wisdom: if I want to be full-bodied and give my most in the rest of my life, I need a day to nurture my creative side… But today that felt exhausting.  And I have also long, hard-learned that approaching the creative side with force, rational, or logic, with the left-brain do do do, is detrimental.  Is crippling to me.  Is crippling to you.

So other than this post, what I give Her, me, this day–is time.  I give her honor, I give her This Day.  Sweet, subtle, essential time.  Of the kairos variety, not chronos.  Kairos–to simply be.   What I require, a non-negotiable, to recharge.

Take yourself seriously.  All parts of you.  This is the message of soul today.  This is the second or dark half, the message of Her.

Anyway, gotta go.  The blue sky is calling me for a bike ride, to go pleasure read in some treasury, nook-y spot, special in town.  xoxo

Here’s some Feist, too, a song that I feel, that feels me, all mixed up as one, in the spongy-love moon-body of bones and blood and breath and skin.  Of love.

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