Tonight is the last full moon of summer…

…why does that matter?  Because as the sun throws itself way out to that far ol corner of the sky, and its light comes down no longer orange cast or even yellow but that sheer white color of September and long shadows–so too does the moon, who keeps us in soul time, remind that this is the last cycle of growth before we begin to turn under, drop seeds from the fruit of year, compost, rest…prepare again to regrow.  So comes, almost, the season of dark.  But not first before her huge–and hella emotional if I DO SAY SO WHICH YOU KNOWWW I DO~

last hurrah, of the last two weeks.  Peaking tonight, into tomorrow, for us all to feel or go out and see xoxo

And grow…and be…

Happy Harvest Moon.  Be blessed, (cuz you already are.)

full moon sept

Full Moon over Doheny Harbor

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