Final Harvest Full Moon.

The Full Moon on Wednesday (close to 4am Pacific) is traditional Final Harvest. It’s a flashlight, illuminating all you’ve brought into being this year. As well, it highlights what you still yearn for or what is left unresolved.

This is an important time of quickening. There is an increased rush of energy that those sensitives among us have likely felt since last week. It is the upcoming lunar new year you feel! On the earth path, lunar new year or Lunar Samhain is on the new moon, October 23.

The veil is thin now, and thins…the deep knowing of the relationship between our inner and outer lives is closest to the surface.

For fun, take time to journal this week. About whatever’s got a hold of you. Just let go on the page and really get honest and get it out! It will be cool to look back on it in February when the seeds of next year first stir. They are formed of the bounty of this week’s moon .

It also is a lunar eclipse, when we have the opportunity to completely vanish old, outdated beliefs!

Remember, Women’s Mysteries teach that at peak-life, we lean likewise into death. Too, at dark’s door comes the opening for light. We honor this inner knowing this week. We take heart of our own wisdom, the comings and goings of life, of our personal paths, of graces and losses and the sweet space where they meet in-between. Take time and assess your blessings in full for the year. Conscious gratitude is magical. Consider what it is like to hold what you grow and to see it also decrease, for such are the ebbs and flows of the cycles of life. Consciousness of loss engenders empathy, a sacrament of connectivity.

Let the light of this week’s Final Harvest Moon illuminate you from deep within, where your soul and heart constantly grow the other again and again. You are blessed. Know this.


Last night’s, and tonight’s, waxing full moon.  Over Laguna Canyon, CA.  Final Harvest.


Don’t let them tame you.

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