Full Moon, High July

W 😍 W!!!

No filter tonight sparkle light fae pink sky….watching her rise wild and free above Mama Atlantic.

Tomorrow she is full: high July peak light, peak of summer’s reflected sun.

Soften, cleanse and release in her power-full rays. Get outside—go!

Start at your crown, mindfully breathe her in & down. Soften the temples, the hairline at the back of the neck. Feel her spread like honey down your spine. Release through your tailbone.


S l o w D o w n, take a breath for each part of the body, top to bottom, feeling the softness of her light through and through.

Charge your heart. Charge your roots. Charge your breath. Charge and cleanse your body, mind, spirit, soul.

Life Is Magic…amen amen!

Charge what lives in your life: whatever is, in whatever form. Charge with thanks. You are blessed. Right now.

If you are suffering or struggling, may you know this as blessed, too.

This, too ✨

Give thanks. Give thanks. Give thanks.

Let each outbreath exalt your blessings and give back~

This is the second eclipse tomorrow for this moon cycle. The first, a solar, helped you let go of something in your physical reality. Tomorrow’s, a lunar, is internal. Emotional, spiritual~

Patterned. With deep cultural—familial or social—roots.

Remember when something is removed it’s also a power-full time to tend the stillness and space it leaves behind.

Mercury retro is here, too. This happens usually at the beginning or end of a season and serves as a seasonal review.

It’s high tide in the season of light, friends. Growing season: merc is reviewing what seeds you laid in Spring. High July is when we see our patterns most clear. Tonight and tomorrow’s moon is like a magnifying glass.

Observe, be still. Tend, be open. Re-Charge, be outdoors. Look, and may you be sweet, as you see.

Be free.

Don’t let them tame you ~ ♥️

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