Full Moon ReBirth Blessing, 12/12



Our last full moon of the year, of the Fall, and Y E S!
of this D E C A D E arrives…can you believe it?

The sacred geometrics that underlie all of creation show up with a Mystery glimmer and twinkle from Time to Time, too…like our Mama the Moon peaking at Full overnight tonight, 12:12, just past midnight here on the East Coast, making it Cold Moon 2019 on 12/12 at 12:12.

There’s a modern or new age belief that repeated numbers are “angel numbers,” divine guidance. In fact, numerology and the study of the perfect mystery of matter is as ancient, and relevant, as recorded history goes. In truth, these synchronicities are all about us all the time, every where. If only we have eyes that behold.

Behold means to hold as Sacred.

12 is a number of Wisdom and Higher Vibration.

On 12/21 (12 reversed, dig it!?) the Winter Solstice, when the longest night of the year passes, happens. With it, the beginning of the season of Winter. Winter directs us North on the medicine wheel, when we revere Mama Earth. It suggests that northward, or forward motion begins with Rest, with being still in the darkness. Surrender. Winter slumber.

We are invited to sleep peacefully, knowing that stillness nurtures Life. We are invited to sleep deeply, knowing the return of the light has begun.

Connect. Connect to your Light. To Love.

Tonight or tomorrow, go on out and have yourself a moon bath. Full moon light has a stronger gravitational pull which is why we say it “charges.” Blessings stick right now! Breathe her into your crown, down and up your spine from the nape of you neck to your tailbone. Use subtle breath. Soften and let the light of the sun reflect through the lengthening, almost longest night. Let it soften and reflect through your weary limbs. Let it remind you, bless you, heal you in the knowing that even in the dark, the light IS.

It’s a really, really beautiful energy~the nearing Cross-Quarter of Solstice and the sacred solar Timing of the Full Cold Moon, to consecrate the Light. Consecrate means to make Holy.

Say thanks.

A Free School member remarked that she is going to bless herself tonight in her own personal rebirth.

How Beautiful is that!?

The soul is numinous, shrouded by darkness.

We are nearing the longest, or darkest night. Metaphor for the Numen.

The Soul Is. Is always ready to potentiate and vibrate higher in more and more light. May this Full Moon imprint this wisdom deeply in you: this gorgeous, precious dance of dark and light.

Bless your self, your Unique, Sacred Soul print this Full Moon tide. Bless your light, how it always there, of the dark!

Let it deepen you into the space where your Soul meets the whole world…the World Soul

You are precious. Are Light. Are Love.

Know this, within.

Happy Holidays friends. Tend your light. If you are struggling, lonely, isolated right now, don’t give up. Believe in your ability to re-connect. May this blessing shine on you.

Be well

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