Medicine of Winter. Full Moon before Lunar Imbolc.

winter solstice campbell

Happiest, blessed new year everyone.

Amid all the excitement of 2020 H a R m O n Y and Vision, in the midst of resolutions and goal-setting and personal development, here is your reminder from Mama Earth and Mama Nature.

A reminder of the powerful medicines of Winter–of Stillness, of Deep Restful Rejuvenation, of time spent in the Dark and Underground, of Quietude Within. The power of Passive Action, how this is an indispensable, non-negotiable part of all processes of all growth and change.

The earth teaches us not just about fertility and bounty, but too of retreat, of the wane.

Friday’s full moon occurs on the station of the medicine wheel of the year just between Winter Solstice and Lunar Imbolc…yep! Lunar Imbolc arrives early this year. It comes with our next new moon on January 24.

Full moons illuminate, or help us see. They reflect sunlight, a metaphor for Logos or rational awareness. Winter, or darkness, is a metaphor for the power of Eros, or Soul. This week we have alchemy, or a fusion of both.

On the medicine wheel of the year, from a gnostic (hidden or secret) soulful perspective, this week’s alchemy brings a felt or intuited insight related to your soul’s Calling. It may well be connected to something that needs transforming, and ways to restore energy in order to do so.

It will connect you to the richness of prophecy Vision for your Calling for the year, your spiritual or soulful Calling, at Imbolc.

The best way to receive such insight?

Nurture yourself this week with the fine medicine of Winter. Rest. Connect to your stillness, your sacred depths. To nature.

To your soul, in whatever personal ways feel potent and life-giving to you.

Rest. Fill up your storehouse of Self….

Be blessed, dear friends. Be good to you.

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