Dreaming Moon


Moving through the dark orchard

Happiest Full Moon dear friends…this weekend we are in the Dream Space! It is MoonTime of the Year when the Dream of the Year Dreams Itself.

With love and light and as much non-judgement as you can access, hold whatever your walking, waking, sleeping, drowsy, illuminated reality is.

Hold it tenderly, offer it up to the Dream of Time, the Dream of Soul, the Dream of Life dreaming itself into being…

…Into almost being.

The seed in the womb of time yawns, stretches, yearns to know herself…

Growth doesn’t always feel good. Often it is tense, anxiety ridden, fear producing. Lean in…

Dream anyway.

Consecrate sacred seeds tender precious growth in love and light and blessings.

Consecrate you, your body, your one sacred life, the same.

Be well dear friends! Be blessed, as blessed as you are to be here, now. Awakening.

Happy Full Mooning!

Moving Through the Dark Orchard, Catherine Hyde

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