Dark to New Moon, last tide of Winter, & Grief

flower of the foam ida rentoul outhwaite

It is dark moon dear friends~may this post shine light in your personal and our collective dark

We are ending Imbolc tide of mid-winter, the seeds of the Harvest nestled deep and stirring awake now in the nutritive yum of the womb of the year. Overnight tomorrow into Sunday Mama Moon moves from peak dark to gaining light again, or from the end of her monthly cycle into her new, known as New Moon. The next moon cycle will bring the Spring Equinox!

Dark into first light is an alchemical stage


We also started Mercury Retrograde in the beginning of the week. Think of the word m e r c u r i a l…defined as “sudden or unpredictable changes in mind or mood.” Reflection and keeping an Observer’s or Wise mind right now can help during this time of Soul Review.

Trust this! Because woooo has it already been a ride! Imbolc tide tending frequently looks like a time of grief and grieving for those more sensitive, empathic or intuitive souls among us.

And the grief is deep, de-regulating within our collective, or Culture’s Soul, right now.

So work with…as in, go with Mama Nature’s literal flow right now! Dark moon’s are a power-FULL time to consciously, or intentionally Let Go.

They are also a power-full time for deep rest, making this a weekend for restoration. A weekend for recalibration. A weekend for rejuvenation.

How to do this? Return to your Self. Be with, and begin with the hardest, most painful or scary, intolerable or stressful parts. Be with, be tender, be soft, be allowing. Be loud, be wild, be outraged! Whatever you need to be, Be With YOU.

Love You. Love YOU MORE.

Begin again and keep going. LOVE YOU MORE.

This is how we transform. This is the dark, into the light.

We cannot give away what we do not have, and we each of us are called right now to Rise Up. So we must begin within, friends. And begin again, and again, and again.

Fill yourself so full that you bubble over in sharing your love

Call on the Mama Nature of things to Re-Source you. Call on whatever your Sacred belief or Practice is to Re-Source you. Make Time.

For me, deep quiet, prayer and meditation, journal time and Time with Mama Earth and Moon alone or in communion always feed and fill me well.

If you don’t know how to Re-Source, begin there–with being willing to listen to what you need and willing to MAKE time to receive or give it to yourself.

Don’t Quit!

Trust yourself.

Love More.

Let Goooo

Don’t let them tame you, friends.

image Flower of the Foam, Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

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