tiny as i am

Ahh right that’s what they wanted me to do circle on, I am thinking of or feeling out this- level generational patterning and deep in thought so that some parts of me are gigantic geometrics vibrating in the ether cortex, making mockery of satellites and shame.  On her way out the door I am blowing both our minds, we are, it’s her energy brings it out of me and can’t you see you are baby Yoda I want to or in different words guess I do sorta say, and we laugh the laughs of girl-childs playing dress-up Crowns of Queen.  Bc seriously then, who’s that make me?

I can dig it, c o m e S p riing, the fairy twilight and dawn giggles and return of Crows & all that, how the seasons sing.  In another lifetime right now I’d be where I’d be.  I am impressed with myself, the seasons hot boys flaunt by easy before my eye & I don’t even notice.  Til they’re gone and I’ve missed them and think, woah wow, who I usta was.

This is good for me.  I am in love and working on how to be.  Theresa, crown of little flowers, help me help me.   I keep it light but don’t know how to when I move, tiny as I am, close as it puts me to the ground.  I do know though enough to delight in this grace, in and from which I abound.


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